Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Are You Reading

I'm thinking that I may have gotten my days mixed up, which is truer than I want to admit, and I thought today was Reading Day at Judy's website. Notwithstanding, I am addicted to reading and will go ahead and let you know about my reading this week.

 Iron Bay is the first in a series of novels about Cocoran O'Connor, "Cork" who lives in a small town in Minnesota. He used to be sheriff, but through tragedy lost the job. He is part Irish and part "Anishinaabe Indian". (quotes are there because that is how it is referred to in the book.) The books are mysteries, which is one of the main genres that I read.

I first read a Cork O'Connor a couple of years back. I read the fourth book, Thunder Bay. I liked it enough that I put it on my request look on Paperbackswap.com   It took a little while, but I got it two weeks ago. Within the week, the second book in the series was available for me. I read Iron Lake this past week. I started the second book, Boundary Waters last night.

I'm liking the series. It's definitely up there with Dick Francis and Sue Grafton (my favorite mystery authors) but I like Cork as the main character. There is a lot of description of the landscape of lakes, wildlife and Anishinaabe culture. It's fun to learn about all of this.

I recommend this book to mystery lovers as an engaging read with native american history and good plot lines.

If Judy shows up with What Are You Reading later in the week, I'll link you up with her site.

Happy, Relaxing and Enjoyable Reading Everyone!

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