Sunday, February 16, 2014

No Threads of Thought Here!

I promise no songs today! Scout’s Honor! (Last Mond
oh what a beautiful morningay was a holiday for me too--see song I wrote in tribute) Although I am humming "It's a Jolly Holiday with Mary" from Mary Poppins! Or "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from Oklahoma! Go ahead, see if you can get those out of your mind for the rest of the day!

Excitement abounds today...our bathroom is going to be finished! You might recall that my hubby started remodeling the "guest" bathroom in April. The bathroom only had a tub. The only shower was in the Master Bath. With our son and daughter-in-law coming, he wanted to get a shower in so we all wouldn't be trying to use one shower.

He got pretty far along, up to the point of tiling. Then Things Came Up. Fast forward to last Tuesday. We have been re-financing our house. Everything's a go. Then financing People called to say they wanted the bathroom finished before the loan would go through. Reasonable People that they are, they wanted it done by Tuesday. You know, they're such Good Guys. Well, they are. They are re-financing our home! But, honestly...7 days to finish up? We needed to hire a Tile Guy to finish. I'm sure there were plenty of Tile Guys who happened to have two days in the week ahead (now behind!) free to do our bathroom.

Goodness Abounds! We asked the tile store. They gave us a few names. We called the first one. He had time. He'd be over in less than an hour to look at our bathroom and give us an estimate! I'm always scared about hiring unknown people to work on our house. When he knocked and I opened the door and knew everything was going to be all right. Do you ever have those feelings where the Spirit is telling you it's going to be fine? That's what happened when I saw our Tile Guy. I knew immediately he would do fine, very fine indeed. He finishes up tomorrow and his work from Friday was excellent. We love our Tile Guy. And we're thankful that the Spirit let me know he was a good guy.

I just got off the phone with my youngest GD, Curly. It always so much fun to hear her newest antics and to talk to her! We grandmothers have to brag...there's a rule about that somewhere!

2013-12 Lilly with Princess Sophia
Curly playing with Princess
Sophia and Princess Sophia!
Curly has been going through the "stage" of having imaginary friends. She now has "another grandma", "another mommy" and a "brother". The brother isn't at home right now, he ran away and got caught by the witches and wolves! Nancy Drew, her real mommy, told me that the other day Curly came in and said, "My other mommy made this for you," and handed her a scarf. What a darling! I'll be seeing her soon when Spring Break comes around. The good news is that she doesn't have "another Nonnie"!

The most exciting, fantabulous, excitulating news is that I have 5 more blocks left to finish the Log Cabin for my TGS & OSLW. Whoopee ti yi yo!!! ** I’ve already begun on the Final Five and only have 3 more rounds left on each. Oh frabjous day! Calooh! Callay! **

And now begins the end…sewing the blocks together. As stated before, I have some sort of genetic inability to lay out a log cabin in the barn raising pattern. My hubby helped me get the 6 rows displayed correctly. Once that was done, with help from my readers, I decided to make it 8 rows by 8 columns with no borders. I have marked each of the original 36 blocks with row and column number. Now I just have to get the 15 extra blocks in correct order….or I might have a barn raising followed by a barn crashing!

1st dark
An inauspicious beginning!

" Oh honey!!! I need your help in here. For just a few seconds!"

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** “Whoppe ti yi yo” is from Git Along, Little Doggies, an traditional cowboy ballad
** “Oh frabjous day! Calooh! Callay!” from Jabberwocky.

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