Monday, March 25, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Spring Break has ended. Boo hoo. I've used up a box of tissue already today.

The week I had off was fun. I must admit that I didn't get as much quilting done as I like. I had cut out pieces for three blue-and-white blocks for my blue and white quilt. See post here.

Here's a question for the universe...why is it I always underestimate the amount of time it takes to make a block? I've been at this quilting thing for about twelve years and you'd think I'd have learned by now. For example, I'll go to quilt with a friend and bring my main "thing" to work on. But since it's not much to work on a bring a second, and maybe, third project. While that has baled me out in times where I forgot the power cord to my machine or don't have the correct foot, where it usually leaves me is confused. That is a different state from bewildered, which is my normal state of mind.

There I am, scratching my head, saying, "Well, yeah, it always takes more time than you think it will." But still I don't learn.

Back to the first day of Spring Break. Three blocks ready to go, pieces already cut. Okay, I say to myself, before I get going on the REAL project, I'll sew this together. It's been forever since I've added to this quilt.

First block takes a day-and-a-half. Remember, it's Spring Break and my days are full days.

Second block, with puttering around in between, gets finished on Friday.

Around Wednesday I decided (because I was forced to) that it's okay I'm only making an eensy bit of progress. I'll just finish up block 2, make block 3. After that I'll make the Nook cover I've wanted to do. And there are a couple of blocks I've wanted to make from my block swap days. It'll just be a fun and random quilt week.

Now that I've got my head aligned with the universe, I continue on, humming as I go.

Saturday I spend 5 hours working on the gardens. Thought I'd be done by noon and start quilting. Start quilting at 4 p.m. Basketball game at 6. Two hours to quilt. I chuck the whole idea of the 3rd blue and white block and move onto Nook cover. I have it about 2/3 of the way done.

Do you see how I do it, even with all the smoke and mirrors? I made a plan at the beginning of the week, which I didn't realize was too ambitious. Mid-week I amend my plan to be more in line with what is actually happening. But I set another booby trap. It's way too ambitious again.

My head hurts. When will I ever learn? Do any of you have this problem? Have any of you ever gotten to the other side? Tell me the secret, please.

Here's the paltry amount I got done, but enjoyed my week anyway.

Blindman's Fancy. From Quilter's Cache

This block was a bear to make. It wasn't all those HSTs. It was the center portion and getting the side setting to make an even square. And the measurements were funny. The innermost square was 3-11/16". And some 3/8" and 5/8"s. Thank goodness she gave a template for the inner square! I think next time I would paper piece this one. It was such a pretty block that I had to do it. And that's the nice thing about the sampler type quilt. You only have to make one block. I wouldn't ever want to do this block for an entire quilt! Unless I wanted it to be the only quilt I ever made from here on out!

 I love the plaid for the Nook cover. I love plaid. I adore plaid. I buy plaid. I think plaid. I dream plaid. Plaid, plaid, plaid.

I was looking for just the right plaid for the cover. I knew this was the one the second I saw it. Just the color and it looked worn already. It also reminded me of the plaid lunchboxes we had as children.

Happy memories.

If you're looking for a tutorial for a Nook cover, I got the idea from Michelle at Michelle's Romantic Tangle. Here's where you can get the tute. You can adjust sizes for any book reader and it's very simple to do.

I'm hooking up with Judy at Patchwork Times. Mosey on over and take a look at others design walls. The link to Judy is on the right sidebar.

Best wishes for Monday and new start on the week!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stash Report Week 12

Yikes! Judy at Patchworks Times reported that next week will mark a quarter of the first year and how is our stash going? Well, mmmmm, what an interesting question. Did you know that a duck's quack doesn't echo,* and no one knows why. I don't know where somebody found a duck in an echo chamber, but people do strange things...

Now, where was I? Oh yes, Judy. I have to tell you, Judy is a great person. Her blog is full of neat quilty stuff but also things about her "homestead." Her friendly chicken, Miss Hattie, who follows her and her husband around. The planting of many, many, many fruit trees. You can reach her by clicking on the Patchwork Times badge on the right. In fact, that's where you'll find the stash report.

Oops...that was what this post was about. Yes, I haven't done well. I'm in the negative. Okay, I just thought that as soon as I get started on the BIG project, the numbers would start climbing. It's all Judy's fault, I could have easily reported my stash report, but she had to mention the first quarter of the year.

The only fractions I am good at are thirds. You see I have to send out trimester progress reports. If you're a math whiz, you'll know that trimester indicates 3 time periods. At the beginning of March, I sent out the second trimester progress reports. I know that I am 2/3rds of the way through the school year. Are you impressed with my mathematical prowess?

Lets' where was I?  Oh yes, fractions. Did you know that 23% of all photocopier faults worldwide are caused by people sitting on them and photocopying their butts? It makes me wonder. The copy machine at the schools I work at are always getting broken. Makes you think, doesn't it? Of course, the number 23% is a representation of a fraction that is 2/3. That is also the same fraction that marks how far I am in the school year.

All right. I just stop putsying around.

Here's My Report

Stash Count Week 13

Used This Week:  1 yd, and that ladies and gents, is a move in the right direction
Used 2013: 15.5

Added This Week: 0 yards!
Added 2013: 31.5

Net 2013: -16 yards

Just to take the sting out of it--here's another incredible and amazing fact: In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of 80 years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand.*

Hook up with Judy at Patchwork Times to see others Stash Reports. Click on button in right sidebar.

Say Good Night Gracie! (look it up if you are younger than me!)

*source: 193 Funny and Interesting Facts
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