Friday, July 26, 2013

Where in the World is Quilting Nonnie?

 Can you believe I'm home every day, all day, on summer vacation and haven't had time to post in my blog?
Me, in earlier years, spending my summer vacation in my favorite past time.

 Dig the crazy couch, the cool hair do--can you guess the year? Answer at bottom of post.
My dog, Bambi, and reading my favorite author, Dick Francis

Well, I didn't spend every day reading...besides that couch is long gone! Where would I read? Okay, down to business. Why, you the faithful reader ask haven't you been in blog land? Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego Quilting Nonnie?

First Excuse Reason:
It's 19 days until I go back to work. And that is not my Whoop Whoop!

Second Excuse:
Somebody "didn't see me" and smacked into my car. We've been valiantly living with one car. Two are being put back in running order by my genius hubby, Wizard of the High Order of Car Repairedness.

Third Excuse:
Kitty! Need I say more? Why yes, I can (and will)! After undergoing four name changes, she has finally been christened Kaiju. Japanese translation: Big Monster. The way she storms with her big paws through the house scattering everything in front of her, she definitely qualifies for Monster. With her paws, it looks like she is going to be Big.

Kaiju! Do not climb the design wall!
Bad Kitty! Do not eat the pins!

Plus, when I sit down and she climbs up in my lap and falls asleep. Then I'm stuck there until she wakes up, so I can't get as much done. (Guess where she's at right now?)

Oh, darn! Here I am stuck here doing nothing till kitty wakes up. Hmm, where's that mahjong game?

Fourth Excuse:
Quilting as much as possible before my halcyon days of summer are through.

janicequilt Plus Size T-Shirt

Fifth Excuse:
Yummy vegetables and their maintenance.

Lovely tomatoes!
Fantastic Peter Pan Squash!

Sixth Excuse:
Finding a gardener to take care of overgrown bushes and weeding! (see above pictures for proof).

The bush that took over the world!
Step One: Ignore weeds. Step Two: Oooh and ahhh at flowers.

Now the big question is: Does anybody want a yard job??? Very little experience needed except for deathly thoughts towards weeds!

Seventh Excuse:
Correcting mistakes in quilting:

Guess the mistake here!
I found that my spool quilt was supposed to be 6.5 x 4.5. I had made the blocks 4.5 x 4.5. I have to add 2 more strips to each spool. Since the strips are all used, I have to rip apart some spools to add to other spools. And make more white side strips.

Eighth Excuse:
Cleaning, routine-ing and house-ing:

Summer has been split between the Q activity and getting the house in order. My goal is to have everything clutter-free, everything having a place so that I can maintain during school year. I've got the kitchen, my part of cleaning bathrooms and living room done. I'm more than halfway through the spare room. It was (is) a huge task because its real name is: "If you don't know what to do with something, just throw it in the spare room on top of bed or any pile you like!"

I have also been chaining routines so that the first step starts a chain and makes sure many things get done: Get up (which is a gargantuan task), take meds,  feed demanding animals, shower get dressed, eat breakfast whilst reading scriptures, daily prayer, scoop cat litter and the voila! my day has started and all things that were needful got done.

Also trying to habit-ize regular cleaning of house. Can you by any stretch of the imagination see that I am an organizer, a inveterate list maker? Here's the weekly afterschool routine:

It is so difficult, as everyone who lives and breathes will attest, I'm bushed after work. I hope that forming chains will make things run more regularly.

That was a BIG eighth reason!

Ninth Excuse:
Creating budgeting routine. 'Nuff said!

And in the meantime...lovely family!

Noel Heart and Firstest take part in Rugged Maniac
Victory is Ours. Firstest does his version of the Happy Dance. Noel Heart on left, her cousin on right.

What is it about my two daughters that they are drawn to mud? (see post here)

For more whoopty do, check out other adventures at Confessions of A Fabric Addict. The link is in the right sidebar.

** Date of first picture: 1994, but I do believe the couch was from the decade before. I was its third or fourth owner. It's really true, they don't pay teachers very well!
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