Monday, February 2, 2015

A Plethora of Quilty Fun!

Yes siree bob! More fun than one can expect in one post! Money-back guarantee!

Count von Count
Let’s see, we have a Design Wall. That’s one, one design wall. Ah, ha, ha. (Yes, I was enamored with the Count on Sesame Street!) Back to QN Street. We have the winner from last week’s giveaway, we have our February goal, we have projects to share.

Well, if there’s this much to share, I better pare down my usual loquaciousness. It’s always worth a try, I say.

The winner of the RSC15 giveaway: Making Quilts is…Lisa Fillion! She has a blog called: upstatelisa Her blog is very cheery and Lisa looks like a very energetic person. I think you’d enjoy seeing her blog!

I’ve been working on a cute quilt called Square Dance, from Gigi’s Thimble. It uses a charm pack to make. I buy charm packs whenever I can find a good deal and that’s what I used for this quilt.

I’ve dedicated 2015 and myself to finishing one UFO every month. I’m motivating myself through three different finish-it-up challenges. You can see my UFO list and the blogs sponsoring the cracking whip!

On my list, you can see, I finished Cascadia Quilt for January. The Christmas tree skirt will be done this week. Plus I have the blocks for other challenges: January & February's Sweet Sixteen Block and RSC15 and January and February's Vintage blocks. 

A few fabrics for Sweet Sixteen Blocks

What I really want to do this month is work on my granddaughter’s baby quilt. However, my daughter and I haven’t picked a pattern. Then I have to buy fabric. I want to get this done this month and have Darlin’ Girl’s quilt my project for March.

So what am I doing for February, you ask… I wanted something easy so I could finish the Christmas Tree Quilt, a secret project, catch or keep up with monthly challenges and prep for the baby quilt. This month I’m going to make some pillowcases that have been sitting around waiting for a long, long time. If I didn’t dedicate a month for a finish, I’d never do them. 

And here is my February project to finish for 1. A Lovely Year of Finishes and 2. TGIFF

I bought a yard of some quirky fabric that I just couldn’t live without. 

Hungry Pirhanas

My husband loved it when he saw it. Now the quandary was how to share a yard of fabric between us. Pillowcases! I can do 2 pillowcases with the fabric on one side of the case and different coordinating fabric on the back.

Once I figured that out, I went searching for more cool fabric that I could use for pillowcases. I thought this was a crazy, cool way to use quirky, one-of-a-kind fabric that you’d like to see a lot but wouldn’t if it was cut into pieces in a quilt, especially if you only bought 1/2 or 1 yard of it. (Did you know that I was crowned the Queen of Run-On sentences?)

Henceforth and therefore, my February goal is to make 6 (six) pillowcases. Sleeping is going to be a much nicer event in March!

How can I finish up this amazing post? Not easy. This was sterling work. Do they have Nobel prizes for blog entries? Okay. Enough already.

I still have one giveaway running. You may have seen the Grow Your Blog badge at the top of the left column. It took place last Saturday with over 300 bloggers participating. I wrote a post for the meet and greet party then topped it off with a giveaway. If you’re interested, the giveaway is open till February 13. I’ll give you the link, if you promise to read the post all the way through…scout’s honor. Go here and find out what I’m giving away and a welcome and introduction to my blog! Beware! If you win the prize, I will quiz you on the contents of that post!

I'm still working on getting un-tangled from Google+. Somehow it attacked my blog, without my permission. For those of you who don't want to use the Google+ comments offered (by them) below, please email me your comments:

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