Monday, February 26, 2018

Looking Back and Looking Forward #6


This is a fair warning! If you are squeamish or prone to screaming, Do.Not.Read!!

BEWARE of Google!
Not Google Search, but Google change your password! It is not for the faint-hearted! Truly!

There I was yesterday sweetly sitting at a computer in our Church Family History Center. I needed to get into a second site, but the password I knew was not working. I know everyone will raise their hand if I ask if this has ever happened to you. Ah yes, 100%.

So, I thought, I'll just change the password. That's SOP (standard operating procedure) for when you forget your password at home or afar. La la la la... Click on Forgot Password on Google Sign In.
     1.  It asks me to copy wonky letters to prove I'm not a robot. No, last time I checked I was human.
     2.  Next screen, what is my secret password? Now I feel like Nancy Drew. I enter that!
     3.  Fill out a form the full size of the screen: Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Alternate Email, M/D/Y you signed up for Google. Just kidding on that last one! But, on and on.
     4.  It sends an email to my Alternate Email, which is my husband's.
     5.  They send me a code. I type it in the box.
     6.  Finally, in the coup d' gras. (Here is the eerie meaning of coup d' gras: A deathblow delivered to end the misery of a mortally wounded victim.) Well hey. Google now wants to deliver me a death blow. Arrrrrrrrr
     7.  Google says I'm on an unfamiliar computer and wants me to designate (and probably verify my credentials again!) this computer as one I use.
     8.  I don't want my name showing up every time someone else comes to the library and they go to google to find their email.
     9.  After a half hour they've got me.  Arghh! Splutter! No! No!
     10.  I think the deathblow is about to come...I surrender...and exit out of Google.

I was lucky to get out of there alive! I'm warning all you fair gentlemen and ladies so you won't be killed trying to get a new password from Google.

Looking Back

 What? Not Again? Sad, but true. It was a disastrous week.

My only goal was to make 45 blocks for Firstest's High School graduation quilt. A hefty blow, but nonetheless, I soldiered on. I cut the strips for the blocks, sewed them and cut them into 60' diamonds. Thursday is my day to quilt together with a couple of friends. I keep my Featherweight at my friend's house so I don't have to carry a machine back and forth.

Something in the back of my head said, This machine has to sew the same size seam as the one on your Janome at home. Hmm, I said, well both of them sew a scant 1/4". It'll be alright.

Now you can guess what happened. No, they didn't sew the same 1/4". My task was to rip the seams out of all the strips and the diamonds too.

The first thing at my friend's house, I put all my blocks up on her design wall. Once I stepped back--Disaster! The lightest gray strip showed up as white when put together! I had to tear all the diamonds with the light gray on them. See the pictures in the top row down below; the grey looks white.

Top Left: Blocks with Seams Picked Apart.  Top Right: Close up of blocks sewn apart with curled seams, proof that I ripped them out! Bottom:  The strips to pick apart! Lesson learned!

And that is my progress for this week.

Looking Forward

Make 45 blocks. Same goal as last week and I WILL sew them on my home machine!


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