Monday, March 5, 2018

LB&LF#7 Wherein We Celebrate Meeting A Goal!

March has flown in with many winds here in Northern California. It definitely came in like a lion...the end of March will tell whether it goes out like a lamb. We had lots of wind and rain this past four days, which we definitely needed. Rain, that is. We don't need wind, in my opinion. I had enough of that in Maryland to last me for a year.

Without anymore preamble, here's the progress from last week. And, prepared to be awed!

Looking Back

I had one single goal this past week and it was to make 45 more blocks for my grandson's High School graduation quilt. Drumroll! I made more than 45 blocks!

Here is the assortment of blocks that I've made so far. I got carried away and driven by my own enthusiasm. I cut too many strip of one color combination and came up with 40 blocks. Eeeerrr.😕

40 blocks in one color combination is too many.

By doing modern math, I found that I only needed 12 blocks of each color combination. Just a little bit overboard!

I'm back on track again. And let's not forget that I met my goal of making 45 usable blocks. So this is definitely a winner!

Looking Forward

I hate to be redundant, but I want to make 45 blocks next week. One more week of that will bring me to 135 blocks, just ten shy of the needed 145. I think I'm making good progress on getting this quilt done by end-of-May graduation!

A Bit of Scrappy News

I am a friend of a very popular quilter who does trunk shows, et al. She knows I love to make scrap quilts and gives me the scraps after each quilt she finishes. I got a big cloth bag full of her latest scraps. They are gorgeous and they are in my favorite color!
I can't wait to start using these gorgeous blues!

I am hooking up with the bloggers listed on the left column. They are great bloggers, one and all. It's worth it to go and explore there blogs once you get to their linky site.

Nyd din dag. (It Danish for "See you later." I'm Danish! (partly), (like one third), (just to be honest). 

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