Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get Her Done February 2013

It's almost like I took a vacation this week...but never down for long!

Here's my February Get It Done List:
1. Do 5 arcs on DWR.
2. Sandwich Spiderweb and quilt half
3. Finish Marie's Square in Square
4. Cut scraps 1/2 hour every day I quilt (very ambitious)
If humanly possible, and there is a four-day weekend in February:
5: Do 1 block for Blue And White quilt (7 left), and 1 block (7 left) for Farmer's Wife.
6. Hand quilt 1 hour/week on String Quilt

Don't forget to go over to Patchwork Times (here) to see other's reports.

Here's my Saturday Get It Done:

My Saturday pattern is to quilt for two hours, do a household task, repeat for the day! I always start Saturday with quilting. I used to get the house tasks done by x:00, then quilt the rest of the day. I found that x became x+1, then x+2, then x+3 until I was finally left with maybe one hour to quilt. It's obvious why I switched formats!

So besides Quilting, here's the tasks in priority order:
1.  Clean kitchen, aka do the dishes and load the dishwasher
2.  Trim the roses
3.  Package the Taylor and Lilly Club package for February.

Yippee I'm get to quilt most of the day! Ta ta!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get It Done January

Well, well, well.

That's all the wisdom I have for today. No, come to think of it, here is a quilty saying:

My Great Grandma used to say she made a quilt] "by guess and by gosh". Then if it didn't turn out right, she'd say "I guessed it was right but by gosh it wasn't".*

That's about where I'm at with my January Git It Done... Judy over at Patchwork Times (click here) has a fun thing going. Each month anyone who wants to participate can make four quilting goals to accomplish in a month. On the last day of the month, everyone reports by linking into her blog. I'm here to make a full accounting.

My Get It Done January Goals and Progress:

1.  Finish Spiderweb top and sandwich.
I have one more border to put on and the top will be finished. I fell behind when I made a pieced border and then found it looked like a sock on a chicken's lip with the rest of the quilt.

2.  Finish Bricks & Stepping Stones top and Sandwich
I didn't do anything on this one. It's going to the back burner now; I have to start on my DWR.

3.  Finish Square in a Square
Not there yet, but close. It's a Quilt-As-You-Go. I have to hand-sew the last column. Add the columns around the edge by machine and hand-sew. Bind, with purchased binding, then it's done.

4.  Start DWR.
The first goal I actually finished!
I took down the box with all the DWR "stuff" in it.
I pulled out the pattern and read it.
I looked at the template and the tissue foundation.
I looked at my colors again, decided I needed more blue. Figured out whether to do random or planned method. Decided on both: blues will be in the same position throughout all, other colors will be random.
I decided what color for the background AND purchased it.

There's a lot of detail on this goal because my TGS and OSLW are going to be looking this over very carefully. I wanted to show them that "started" was more than opening the box, looking in and then closing it back up.

Tune in tomorrow for the February Get It Done.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Whatcha Reading?

Judy, over at Patchwork Times, has started a new weekly feature called, "Whatcha Reading?" Fantastic ! She wanted to do something on Tuesdays and had readers submit ideas for the topic. By vote, What Am I Reading won. Hurrah ! It was the one I voted for. I love to read. It is my first love.

I can't remember when I didn't love to read. By the time I was in third grade I was reading anything I could get my hands on. By fifth I was heavy into Nancy Drew. I bought my books from the Sears Catalog. We lived in rural Northern California and had to drive for almost an hour to get to the Sears outlet to pick up our orders. Guess what I did on the way home?

Today my loves are mysteries, biographies about normal people going through extraordinary times, history, Church books, young adult fiction, well-written novels and the list goes on.

Right now I am reading one of my favorite authors, Sue Grafton. She writes the alphabet mysteries. I started right at the beginning with her first mystery, A is for Alibi. I've worked my way through, waiting impatiently for each new volume to come out. I'm reading V is for Vengeance. I'm almost through and can't wait until tonight when I can get home and finish it.

I don't know what's up next. I honestly have a stack of books, waiting to be read, two feet high next to my bed. And I still keep perusing books sites thinking to buy more !

Coast on over and take a looksie at what others are reading at Patchwork Times (click here).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Stash Count Wk 4

I have been putting a lot of time in on my Get It Done quilts.
1.  One more border to go on the Spiderweb, then piece the back
2.  Put border on Marie's Square in a Square, bind and it's done.
3.  Bricks & Stepping Stones has been put on the back burner.
4.  I've "started" the DWR. I pulled it out, read the pattern and looked at fabric templates.

My Stash Count:

Used This Week: 2.5 yds.
Added This Week: 3.5 yds.

Added 2013: 18.5 yds.
Used 2013: 9.5 yds.
Net Amount for 2013: -9 yds. 

Head on over to Patchwork Times (click on this) and see how Judy and everyone else did on Stash Count this week.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and got up at 5:00. My usual rising time is 6:15. I like morning time because it seems you get so much done, so today was, perhaps, a bonus. I'd rather get my full 8 hours of sleep though. My alarm just started ringing--time to get up and get at 'em.

As I go, here's a couple of pictures to enjoy: The first is a picture I took of Hubby feeding the squirrel at a local park. Next is a picture Hubby took of me feeding a duck. Hmmm, what's missing in that second picture. This is why I have a school picture taken every year, so my grandkids, years from now will know what I looked like.

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