Friday, May 23, 2014

For Pink’s Sake! & Nancy Drew is here again!

This post is brought to you by the number
Yes, the brilliant number four! One, two, three, four more days until the end of school! That’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

So many good things happening! It’s Friday, and it’s a three-day weekend! Nancy Drew, SWH, Sweetie & Curly came for a week-long visit! 

More on that later…
I can’t wait to tell you about a blog hop that I’m participating in!

Anna is the lovely lady who writes the Life Sew Crafty blog. At this time in her life, her mother-in-law is fighting cancer for the second time. Anna wanted to host this blog hop honoring several women in her life who have battled cancer, the last being Tina, her mother-in-law. The medical bills are piling up and up, and Anna is asking for donations to help defray some of the cost for the family.

At the same time, she is collecting pink quilt blocks to make a quilt to donate to the Cancer Center where her DMIL has had her treatments. She has instructions on her website for making a pink block.

Also, many bloggers are participating in a blog hop and show off pink blocks of their own. Every two weeks on Saturday, there will be three-four blogs to visit. Here are the participants for tomorrow!

May 24

Visit her blog site click on the badge at the top of the right sidebar to see the full calendar of blog participants!

Exciting Thing #2
I am going to be hosting For Pink’s Sake on June 7! It’s my first time hosting. To say I’m excited is a gross understatement!
I have already picked out the pink block I’m going to make. Here are some hints: It’s from an old book, it hails back to 1923 and for those who like Bonnie Hunter quilts—it has 65 pieces!—for one block. You can be sure I won’t be making this as a 4” block! By the way, for those who want to make a whole 75” x 87” quilt, it takes 1,617 pieces or 42 blocks: 21 pieces & 21 plain.

And now for the promised family visit information!

L to R: Curly, SWH, Nancy Drew, Sweetie

Picnic on the Beach
Clockwise, starting from right rear:
My kid's dad, Yours Truly,  my "new" DSIL: Chief,
Sweetie, Nancy Drew & SWH
I'm burying Curly's legs in the sand

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