Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Looking Back & Looking Forward #3

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TGS and I in lovely Patapsco State Park, Maryland, in 2009
I've just come back from Maryland where I went to see TGS* and OSLW for a fantastic nine-day visit. My son was on recuperation leave so he was able to be here all day last week. Bad news for him: he got a bad cold the first day I was here. We still managed to have a great time.

We've were homebodies for the most of the time and I adored. My son plays piano and practices during the day and does some computer programming. OSLW and I have lounged around reading, chatting, playing games, and napping. OSLW has been finishing up her Master's Thesis during the first few days I was here. Congratulations to my fantastic DIL who submitted her Thesis last Friday.

*See the tab "Blog Names" at top to find out who is who in my blog.

I've also been "vacationing" from my blog! My original plan was to keep blogging while in Maryland and I had the time to do it. However, my pictures for posts didn't show up in my computer. Luckily, TGS came to the rescue! (sound of triumphant trumpets!) We (actually he with me looking on) spent time all week fine tuning the laptop. It was hampered by apps that were mulish and causing general mayhem. I think we've got it ready for me to write my blog.

Looking Back
Progress on My Goals whose due date was really for two weeks ago:

Make Alphabet Letters for Poppet's 3rd Birthday by Thursday.

Thursday was the day I went up to Noel Heart's house to celebrate Poppet's birthday on Saturday. I am proud to announce that, for once in a long time, I finished the Alphabet Letters on time! No pictures yet, I can't get the iPhone to spit them out. Grrrr.

Finish Green Rainbow Scrap Challenge Block
I am sorry to report that I didn't get this done. I must claim that being away for two weeks was a bit of a problem!

Looking Forward
Here's what I'm  planning for the following week:

1.  Make BOM block

2.  Figure Out Layout for Military Mom Memory Quilt
     TGS has volunteered to help family of service members who are killed in the line of duty. It is a beautiful offering where one soldier helps a family deal with all the paperwork after someone has died, i.e. getting the body home, filling out papers, etc. They keep in touch with the family to support them for the first year.
     A woman that TGS has supported for the last year has lost her son. She mentioned to TGS that she would like to have a memory quilt made of her son's uniforms. That's where I come in. I have a big box of uniforms, t-shirts, patches, gloves, etc. All different sorts of memorabilia and uniforms. She is going to put this on her son's bed at home so it won't be a cuddle quilt.
    I'm a little in a quandary of how to put all of these things together. Do any of you have experience with this sort of quilt or have ideas on how to incorporate all the different weights of fabric in a quilt?

3.  Start Cutting Out Quilt for Firstest
     Firstest is graduating from High School this year. Wow, that's totally awesome and amazing. He's such a great guy. He has been in Scouting since he was 8 and has so many achievements in the program, culminating in getting his Eagle Scout. He is such a decent person, he really believes and puts into action the Scouting Values. He's so sweet with his little sister, Poppet, and brother, Chip. Chip is just 7 months old and his name is short for chipper because he is jovial and smiling all day. Ever since he learned how to smile, there is always a grin when he sees someone.
    Back to Firstest, I am making a quilt out of his favorite colors: orange and aqua. I threw in some gray and I think it'll be super! I'm dedicated to getting this "event" quilt done on time, unlike all the "event" quilts I made last year!

My goals are pretty ambitious, I admit. Maybe it will help me quilt more! I'm always letting other things get in my way and then I don't have time to quilt. I decided one thing that would help out is to quilt once my husband goes to bed at 7 p.m.; he has a early morning job. It will give me two solid hours of quilting and will accomplish more than if I watch TV!

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