Monday, March 18, 2013

Bookends of the Week: Design Wall Monday and Whoop Friday

It's a great Monday, the first of my Spring Break. It's a real burden this vacation time...all I have to spend my time on is quilting. Poor me!

This past week I've mostly been hand quilting a string quilt I made. It was the first string quilt I've made. I did it as a L/E and it took 2 years to make the top. It has some beautiful plain fabric squares among the string blocks. I wanted to do hand quilting there.. I took it first to a LAQ to quilt all the string blocks and borders, leaving me the plain squares. I figured it would take me about two years to get it hand quilted...sure, yup, I was certain another two years would do it.

Someone want to help me get this egg off my face?

By the way, did I mention to you that it's a king-size quilt?

Uh-huh, I thought that would garner sympathy.

It's been more like four years. That's what? Double the time I estimated? The first excuse reason I found was I can't quilt it in the summers. Too hot with that humongous quilt on my lap. Even more sympathy!

I'm closing on the finish line--yippee! I only have 10 more setting triangles to finish, then it's on to binding. I'm doing about 3 setting triangles every 3 days.

One of the precious parts for me is that the plain fabric is from my Aunt Marie's stash. It's a lovely shade of lavender. It was a very difficult time finding border fabric. If you put blue next to it, the plain fabric looks purple. Then if you put purple next to it, the fabric looks blue. Silly me, I actually like that kind of fabric. Looking at the picture you can see I finally found green worked great.

Close up of handquilting in square

Close up of hand quilting on setting triangle

The other thing I'm working on for a quick change is three blue-and-white blocks for my everlasting blue-and-white quilt. I first started it when I was in charge of BOM for our guild. Every block I chose I would make a sample for the guild and then a copy in blue and white. The blocks are 12 inch. did that for a year and since then I've been on my own. I've made 29 blocks and have 7 left to do. After these three, I'll only have four. It's big. It's beautiful. I've really enjoyed working on it. I'm really trying to stop using really as an adjective! It's difficult!

Here's the block I worked on today, after 3 hours trying to make a collage for my Family Blog. It's our Anniversary and I am trying to make a collage of my hubby and I. It's not done yet. Really. The program kept crashing. I found out that saving the collage didn't save the layout, it just saved the collage as a picture. Each time it crashed I would also have to go back and upload my pictures again. It's really been a devil in the making. Really.

This explains how in one day I didn't even finish one block. Here's the one laid out and ready to sew together. It is called Bridal's path.

Bridal Path

Progress in 2012
You can check out other cool quilter's share their design wall over at Patchwork Times. I'm also hooking up with Can I Get A Whoop Whoop Friday.  Click on badge in right column.  Really

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  1. LOL! Your blog is funny, really! Lovely string quilt. I like the lavender. Great choice on how the borders are done and the corner block. Happy Anniversary!


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