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lil orphan annieWait! Before you run and get your Lil’ Orphan Annie Decoder Ring… Here’s what the title means:

30/30 Sewing Challenge

Over at Berry Barn Designs there is a lot of excitement! Sarah has started a new challenge for the month of March.

Sew 30 Minutes
30 Days

Berry Barn Designs

I really long for quilting every day…it just never happens. Which is really hilarious because I really want to do a bit of housekeeping every day…it just never happens! Hmmmm.

Today is the day to show what I want to accomplish during the month. AND! it has to be for me. So goodbye Log Cabin: use some other minutes in my day! 

So here are my 3030SC:

1. The next thing up on my UFO list is quilting two quilts. Then there is finish a Lone Star that only needs one more corner square added. But what I really want to do is work on my Farmer's Wife blocks. I've made 94 blocks. I'm still trying to decide whether to make queen or king. I'm 17 blocks away from a queen and I'll make my decision then.

The photography on this isn't the best...I'd advise squinting or half closing your eyes, but that's what it looks like now. This was taken early into the making of the blocks; I have a lot more now.

Just for fun, here a few blocks that I've done.

To see other challengees, find badge on left column. Maybe you’d even want to join!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Decisions! Decisions! I Need Help!

I have been talking about this quilt for so long and now I am pleased and thrilled to announce that I have finished ALL the blocks! All 64! Sixty-four! Six tens and four ones. Omigoodness! I've been teaching young children too long...

Behold and see!
Twirled log cabin blocks Paul & Leesa 
I wanted to try a more “artistic” (read interesting) way of photographing my blocks. I mean…how many times can you see a log cabin block over the course of months?

I’m so excited to start sewing the top together. Soon it will be a flimsy! Aspiring to be a quilt. I love that name “flimsy”; I just heard it a few months ago. I didn’t know what it was originally then figured out it meant a quilt top without batting & quilting.

I’m also working on my Spool Quilt as a leader ender. I had started it last summer then switched to the Sister’s Choice quilt blocks. I realized that there are a lot, many, many blocks to make for the SC. The Spool Quilt is much more manageable, as in less blocks in the quilt. I switched back to the Spools to get it done first. You can see some of the blocks and even a log cabin progress report here.

I asked for your help last week in finding more of the darkest blue fabric for the Log Cabin so I could continue with making blocks for a quilt for myself. You are wonderful people, do you know that? Well, you are! I found it at Thousands of Bolts. Yes the fabric AND at a bargain price of $5.95/yd. I paid $11/yd the first time I bought it.

I bought 6 yards of it. Just a teensy weensy bit overboard, I should say. I thought 3 yds would probably do, but that blue is the last two strips of a 14” block. I figured I’d buy a bit more to be safe…which I had done in the first place. And you know where that landed me. Hmmmm. I knew 6 yards was more than enough, but I love, love, love that fabric so much I thought of future quilts that could have parts of yummy blue-ness in them. My head started to swim. I clicked on the “Order” button, finalizing the 6 yards and thought, “Whooppee!”

Of course, my stash count next week is going to take a hit. But I’m sure all will be well over the months.

So thank you, thank you gracious readers. You sure are a swell bunch!
And speaking of your help and stash counts, I need another helping hand of your knowledge. I am participating in the HST BOM at Quilt Arts Design. (See the badge on the left sidebar.) I’m joining in a couple of months late, but figure I CAN do it. I know a cool, quick way to make HSTs and I love them.

HST fabric choice
Now here’s where your help comes in. I’ve always wanted to make a red & white quilt. I’ve chosen two gorgeous fabrics: one dark and one light. I think I need a third fabric for mediums. I’m not doing scrappy here, just the two materials above and one more.

Could you pretty please with a cherry on top, leave answers in the comments below and let me know what your experienced (or non-experienced—because we all can tell what we like!) answers.

Here are my questions:
1. Do you have any ideas for a medium piece? I’ve looked through my stash and have nothing. Should I choose a fabric with red, black and white that is medium? The red flowery/star fabric has black in it. What would you suggest?
2. Do you think I should have more than three fabrics, for instance: another dark, another medium (makes 2) and another light?
3. Could you come to a quilt store with me and help me pick the fabrics? Cookies provided!
4. Do you think I should go scrappy? I love scrappy. I thought just the unity of 3 or 6 fabrics would be fun.
I’m looking forward to reading your answers! You helped me before with my Spiderweb quilt borders, so I know I can count on you.

Have a lovely week!

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