Saturday, March 21, 2015

RSC 2015: Pink block

What Made Me Smile Today

This is my dog, Miko this morning.
I've got to wonder where the pink bird is?

Let’s give three cheers for Spring Break! Every Spring my blog readers have to hear me celebrate, watch me do the happy dance and hear much chortling.

This year is no different. Except… my celebration is more like one hand weakly lifted: yay…cough cough. The happy dance is me twitching my toes together. Chortling is more like cough, honk, honk, cough.

And if that isn’t enough, my hubby grounded me from quilting. The nerve! If I had the strength, I’d kick him in the shins. My only revenge is to cough on him...

It is horrible to have a husband who loves you enough to want you to rest so you can get better. It’s amazing to have a husband courageous enough to tell you not to quilt.

Yes, he’s alive. He’s having to do the grocery shopping alone. He has to empty and re-load the dishwasher. It’s not all bad!

Springy stuff is happening all over. 

One of my favorite flowering bushes.

I’m a month behind on my RSC block. I got pink done about two weeks ago. My first attempt at picking colors was un-spectacular. I called in the color expert of the house, my hubby. I showed him the picture of the blocks I had seen last year. They were the ones that made me want to do this for RSC.

Once he got the idea, we were on the road and came up with fabrics like I had hoped for and an excellent finish.

Here are the stats:

Block name: Soul Searching
Designer: Kathy Doughty
Source: Making Quilts
Size of block: 14”

To be redundant, since this week is Spring Break, I will pull out my yellows and get the March block done! Along with all the other things I want quilty-finished this week.

Even if I’m still feeling yucky on Monday, my hubby has to go to work. My nefarious plan! What goes on when he’s not home won’t hurt him!

I'm hooking up with the rest of the RSC quilters. The badge is in the right sidebar. Hurry! Don't walk, Run! and see what other great blocks are being shared!

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