Friday, July 5, 2013

I'm Home! Whoo-Hoo!

It's crazy what people will look like when they celebrate!

I'm back from a two-week vacation to the East Coast to see my dear son and dear daughter and their families. It's an annual pilgrimage after school lets out. I get to see Curly and Sweetie and how much they've grown and changed in one year. I get to see Nancy Drew and TGS and enjoy being in their homes.

Okay, okay...some explanation for the picture above. Nancy Drew and SWH participated in the wildly popular Warrior's Challenge. It's an obstacle race that has fun stuff like jumping over fire, cargo climb, storming Normandy and lots and lots of MUD! Brave contestants work through Army-like obstacles through the mud, "run" between obstacles in mud that is sometimes knee deep and at the end wade through a ... can I describe it...ahh...mud puddle that is around 5+ feet deep. Did I mention there was mud? And more mud?

The pic above is my daughter (on the left), in the mud and yellow shirt, with two friends at the "finish line".

What a crazy way to spend a Saturday morning! I chose the better part. I stayed with darling Curly and tried to stay cool in the 90' weather with 90% humidity. I definitely knew I was the smarter one in the family when Nancy Drew said the mud smelled like cow poo. Yummy!

Sorry about the photo overflowing into the right column. The stupid thing just wanted to take up the biggest space it's irritating when the pictures take control!

Above: right to left
Top Row: Before Picture--Nancy Drew in yellow, SWH far right, After Picture
Middle Row: Beginning of race after first mud "puddle." Notice the mud is above the knee!, Curly hangs out in the shade with me, SWH jumping over the fire
Bottom row:  Nancy Drew & SWH displaying medals, which were bottle openers, sporting their hats. Somehow Curly managed to sneak in the photo. Curly and Nancy Drew in hats.

It was a fantastic day.

If I was waiting for my family to finish the "Dash", and I didn't have Curly, here's how I would have spent the waiting time:

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