Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stash Count Week 5

Here's an interesting stat: I did absolutely nothing, nada, zippo, goose egg. My stash count is exactly the same as last week.

Here's the repeat of last week:

My Stash Count:

Used This Week: 2.5 yds.
Added This Week: 3.5 yds.

Added 2013: 18.5 yds.
Used 2013: 9.5 yds.
Net Amount for 2013: -9 yds. 

Head on over to Patchwork Times (click on this) and see how Judy and everyone else did on Stash Count this week.

This past week, I caught a cold from a student of mine. I told him to cough into his elbow and not to touch me! Who knows where I got it from, but it's fun to rib him. Then hubby got a different, worse cold than mine. Yesterday I started getting another cold. All in all, sicky tiredness reduced my quilting to nil.

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