Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get Her Done February 2013

It's almost like I took a vacation this week...but never down for long!

Here's my February Get It Done List:
1. Do 5 arcs on DWR.
2. Sandwich Spiderweb and quilt half
3. Finish Marie's Square in Square
4. Cut scraps 1/2 hour every day I quilt (very ambitious)
If humanly possible, and there is a four-day weekend in February:
5: Do 1 block for Blue And White quilt (7 left), and 1 block (7 left) for Farmer's Wife.
6. Hand quilt 1 hour/week on String Quilt

Don't forget to go over to Patchwork Times (here) to see other's reports.

Here's my Saturday Get It Done:

My Saturday pattern is to quilt for two hours, do a household task, repeat for the day! I always start Saturday with quilting. I used to get the house tasks done by x:00, then quilt the rest of the day. I found that x became x+1, then x+2, then x+3 until I was finally left with maybe one hour to quilt. It's obvious why I switched formats!

So besides Quilting, here's the tasks in priority order:
1.  Clean kitchen, aka do the dishes and load the dishwasher
2.  Trim the roses
3.  Package the Taylor and Lilly Club package for February.

Yippee I'm get to quilt most of the day! Ta ta!

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