Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time for a Check-In

I just read in Judy's blog that we're half-way through January. Not that I didn't know the's my only sister's birthday. But thinking of it as half-way was a bit scary!

1958: Left: Jan, 5 yrs old, Right: Me, 3 years old

 So in the interest of where do I stand in the race to finish all my Get It Done items, here is an update:

1. Spiderweb top finished and sandwiched: I'm still working on finishing the top---arrrghhh! I looked at the border that Bonnie Hunter has on Quiltville, which is where I got in trouble. I liked her piano key middle border so much that I just had to do it on mine! As I shared before, I've made all the keys and currently am sewing them together.

2. Bricks & Stepping Stones top finished and sandwiched: Nada

3. Finish Square in a Square:  Nada, but I have thought about it!

4. Start DWR: uhmmm, errrrr, moving right along to the next thing.

In my defense, I finally got to quilt a couple of hours last night. Before that I hadn't quilted since Saturday. I need to speed up...a lot! I won't be able to quilt tonight, but for a great reason. I'm taking  The good news is I'm taking Bright Sprite, my oldest daughter, and my grandson, Firstest, to see the Harlem Globetrotters! Lovely fun!

This weekend is a three-day weekend so that gives me a glorious amount of time to quilt!

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