Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time Travel

I was preparing my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. I teach the five-year-olds in Primary. That’s our name for Junior Sunday School. I have eight kiddos in my class. The class name is Choose The Right or CTR.
Since it is the beginning of the year and the start of a new class, I was making a prayer chart. Boy my kiddos love to say the prayer! I always have several hands up to say opening or closing prayer.

 They want to say both prayers in one day, they say they haven’t prayed in a while… Wouldn’t it be great if adults were that eager to pray?

It’s exciting this year because almost all of my kids can say the prayer themselves. It oftentimes is funny, or strange, or just very sincere.

The chart is my way of keeping track of who has said a prayer so everyone gets to have a chance to say an opening and a closing prayer before we start the whole process over.

I decided I wanted to have the CTR class shield at the top of the chart. I copied the one from the lesson book and set out to color it. 

I looked in my office cupboard. It is an old metal cabinet that I found in the closet of my Aunt & Uncle’s home. I love it dearly.

I was looking for my new crayons, the 64 box, but couldn’t find them. I’ve obviously taken them to use with my school or Primary students. I do have, however, a wonderful, vintage box of crayons. These are the ones that I colored with as a child. I mean real child. Starting at 2-years-old and on until I didn’t color anymore. My aunt kept them in the cabinet under their TV. That is where she kept the games, coloring books, and crayons for the nieces and nephews to play with.

Marie's coloring book
One of Marie's coloring books
When my Aunt and Uncle died, I inherited everything in their house. Maybe later I can tell you about that and what fantastic and kind people they were.

I love coloring with crayons. Nowadays children tend to color with markers. I don’t like the way you can’t shade the colors and every stroke of the pen shows up. 

If you stay with me on the blog for very long you’re going to find out that, although I’m fairly young in middle age, my “older generation” personality is growing every day!

Back to the crayons. They are lovely. Burnished with time. Can crayons be burnished with time? I guess so, because these are.

I finished coloring it and enjoyed every sensation of it. The smell of the crayons, the feel of the waxy stick, the sight of the old, age-darkened paper and the “old” names of the colors.
Now it’s time to go back to my prayer chart. I still have the rest of the lesson to prepare after that.

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