Monday, April 2, 2018

Looking Back & Looking Forward #10: Wherein There Is A Lot of Whooping Going On

Osteosperum in my flower garden
Life has been so much better this week. No more train wreck. I'm chugging along very well and at pretty good speed, I might add.  My quilting is back on track. My yard is blooming with flowers. The weather is wonderful. I get to see all my children this Sunday!
I have packages being delivered here almost every day. Most of the fabric I ordered came in today.

I'm not sure what the name of this flower is. If you know, you can put it in the comments. Every day I take a stroll around my front yard flower garden. I like to look for things that are coming up, new blooms, and just enjoy my lovely flowers.

Right now, the lilac and the iris are just starting to bloom. I just adore lilacs. Their smell! The tiny little flowers. Did you know that my lilacs put on buds in February, April and November. Crazy flowers. I tell them that all the time. "What do you think you are doing?" Obviously they ignore me because they keep doing it year after year. The only time the buds come out to flower, though, is in April.

It was 10 minutes to sunset when I started writing and there just wasn't enough light to take a good picture.

But I digress...

Looking Back

I did so well this week! Happy dancing is going on all through my house. Everyone else in the house (the dog, the cat and hubby) all think I'm form your own opinion.

Goal #1
My conservative goal is to get the yardage package(s) out of the mailbox, open them up and iron the fabric.

This was the orange fabric to make my grandson's High School graduation quilt. I had started out with some orange, but there just wasn't enough variety. For the whole backstory, click here. The fabric all came with three of the five arriving in the mail this afternoon.

I was going to try and hurriedly iron them to make my goal. But I was making split pea soup and had to go in and make the Irish Soda Bread that goes with it. I have a different bread that goes with many recipes I have. See this post for my thoughts on bread AND a recipe for bread.

I vote that I met this goal since 3/5th of the fabric didn't arrive until this after noon.

Here's the new fabric. To hear the accompanying details for this story, click here.
The top four are just different oranges with lots of design. The lower one is  shades of medium orange to burnt orange. I have a couple of other oranges in my first set of fabrics that are a burnt orange so this should work in just fine.

Goal #2:
Chip's One-Year Birthday Quilt
2.  I have the fabric ready and already have the pattern. Since I'll be free most of the next week, my goal will be to cut out the pieces.

Here's the fabric! Isn't it sweet?
I had ordered a yard of cowboy fabric for Chip's quilt, but it wasn't enough. I had to fussy cut all the fabrics and since it was in rows I could only fussy cut every other row. I cut out all the fabric I could and ordered more. It came today.
The blocks for Chip's quilt are 6-1/2" square. You need 20 squares for the quilt.
The picture on the left shows the two fabrics that will be bordering the blocks.

The bonus is that once I've cut the fabric for Chip's quilt, there's enough left over to make a baby quilt. So I fussy cut the remaining fabric and will cut the rest.

The blocks are 4-1/2" square. It needs 20 blocks and makes a baby size quilt.

Below are a couple of pictures of this pattern. The one on the left is a baby quilt made for a co-worker of mine. The one on the right was made by Firstest when he was eight.
Looking Forward:

Next week I plan on putting most of my energy into Firstest's quilt and maybe a little time on a couple of side projects.

1.  Firstest's Quilt:  
     Cut new fabric into pieces.
     Assemble 10 blocks
 2.  Military Mom Quilt (see here for post with explanation of this quilt)
      Figure out and draw up the layout of quilt
3.  Computer chair pillow
     Make cover for pillow

That should keep me busy. Since we are going to a SFGiants game on  Friday afternoon and to Firstest's Court of Honor for his Eagle Scout Award, I may not get everything but #3 is a wish, and any work on #2 will do.

I hope you have a wonderful week with lots of flowers, happy circumstances and joy with the ones you love.

Nyd din dag! (Danish for "See You Later!")

I'll be sharing this post on linky parties. Be sure and jump over to them to check out what other accomplished and fascinating quilters are doing. The Linky Parties are listed by day of the week.  


  1. Pretty flowers! The flowering trees have been especially pretty in Middle TN this year. The dogwoods bloomed right on cue on Easter Sunday. Love the oranges you picked for Firstest.

  2. Flowers? Thanks for sharing yours. Mine are still under new snow... and we are supposed to get more today. You have a different Mom Nature than we do.
    Love Orange, and love the ones you chose. Can't wait to see the quilt.
    Cowboys are cute.
    So glad you are crazy. (I'm not the only one.)

  3. Wowee - that orange fabric came quickly! You have plenty to keep you busy all week and out of trouble. You're going to SFGiants game? Isn't it great that baseball is back?! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love that cowboy fabric. I made our 1st grandson's baby quilt with it. He is 17 now!!

  5. Blooms in the garden, lovely fabric in packages and a spring in your step - I will have whatever you are having.

  6. The plant that you pictured is a perennial named Gaillardia.

  7. Oh I love those new oranges you got - totally luscious!! Can't wait to see this quilt finished up.

  8. We call that flower Gallardia. I love it because it self seeds and you get new starts all over the place. It is so bright a cheerful. We likely won't have blooms until June.

    That cowboy fabric is fantastic!!

  9. Your fabrics are fun and cute, I'd be excited too.
    Gallardia's common name is blanket flower. I think
    because it's colorful and spreads.
    Thanks for sharing your happy photos.

  10. The cowboy fabric is so cute. I've made two little quilts through the years out of that same fabric!

  11. The flowers are so lovely! The orange fabric is so vibrant and beautiful. The cowboy fabric is adorable too. Love it!


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