Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pass The Peanuts, Please #2

Downtown Charlie Brown

In my hometown, Santa Rosa, there are many statues of the Peanuts characters. These are here, like I mentioned in my post last week, because Santa Rosa is the official hometown of Charles Schulz.

Charlie Brown was the first of the statues to be displayed in Santa Rosa. It was a event called, “It’s Your Hometown Charlie Brown.”

On the statue is a depiction of Downtown Santa Rosa. There are just generic names, but each one represents a real store there. For instance, in the front view, music is Stanroy's Music. In the back view, Deli is Max's Deli, which has been there for over 30 years.

If you look closely you'll see all the Peanuts characters lounging around the main street, both on front and back of Charlie.

The statue was in the center of Railroad Square, the first downtown of Santa Rosa. 

The little pink note held in Charlie Brown’s hand says, “Meet me downtown Charlie Brown. Signed, Little Red-Headed Girl”

I hope he found her.

Last week I asked my blog readers to tell me what they're favorite Peanuts character is. The overwhelming response was Snoopy!

Each character in the Peanuts comic strip has a defining characteristic. This week's poll is:
Name a character and its defining characteristic.

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  1. Nashville has decorated guitars (wonder why); but my favorites are the Fish Out of Water. I frequently pass the one in front of the Boy Scout Center. I'll try to get a picture.

    Lucy: Bossy

  2. I think the definitive character with obvious definition is Pig Pen! Lucy is bossy, Linus the philosopher, Charlie is a loser - in his mind - but he has all these great friends, so really he isn't a loser at all. They all have their interesting points... that's why we love them.
    What a fun blog - U rock, my friend!

    1. The more I research and travel around to take pictures I find I'm falling in love with them all over!

  3. That is so cool! What a fun way to decorate the town :) I was going to say the same as Libby, Lucy is bossy but she was always my favourite for obvious reasons!

    1. What I found out when I went to take more photos yesterday, is there are hardly any Charlie Browns left around town. They have been sold. Still some Lucy's, which came after Charlie Brown. Their are mostly Snoopy & Woodstock now. I think it's sad, since that's an attraction that's listed on travelogues about Sonoma County. Plus they just belong here and should have stayed here. I started taking pictures of the Charlie Brown's when they first came out. I never finished and now I find I'm way too late.

  4. Those Peanuts characters are timeless! My favourites are Snoopy and Woodstock. Such great friends. I always thought it was hilarious that the adults in the cartoons always spoke with, "Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."


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