Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pass The Peanuts Please!

A post in which the blogger unveils a little known fact about her town.

santa rosa

I live in Santa Rosa.


Do you know who else lived in Santa Rosa?

charles shulz

Charles Schulz.

Peanuts 5For the uninformed, he wrote the Peanuts comic strip. He started drawing the comic strip in nearby Sebastopol in 1958, then moved to Santa Rosa in 1969. One of my favorite “Peanuty-ness” are the statues all around Santa Rosa. 

In 2005, five years after Charles Schulz died, the city began an event called, “It’s Your Town, Charlie Brown.” Scores of unpainted, fiberglass statues of Charlie Brown were available for purchase. The goal was to have painted Charlie Browns all over the city.

Make Tracks to RR Square
Make Tracks to Railroad Square

This is Charlie Brown on Railroad Square. Like many towns, a railroad ran down one side of Santa Rosa. While there isn't any train now, the depot remains and it is the Welcome Center. What used to be the downtown stretched a couple of blocks from the depot. It is now called Railroad Square. So our guy, Charlie Brown, is a conductor complete with watch and his characteristic chevron stripe.

I loved Peanuts cartoons and read books of them voraciously when I was a child. The statues are great fun to see & photograph. The downtown Welcome Center has maps of where the statues are.

You can go on Google and find pictures of all the Charlie Brown statues. I could even download them. Instead I decided to go photograph them myself. I can get front & back views and detailed pictures.

Wednesday is going to be the day to check in at Quilting Nonnie’s blog to see a weekly Charlie Brown statue photo.

For today, leave a comment telling me which Peanuts character was your favorite?


I’ll even keep a tally and report back next week!

P.S. Mine was Snoopy!

Peanuts 1
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