Saturday, February 8, 2014

In the Pink! Rainbow Scraps

This month at soscrappy the color is Pink! Like Pink Panther. Pinker than Pepto Bismol. Tasty pink like cotton candy. Sweet pink like strawberry ice cream. Christmas pink like Sweetie at Christmas.

Yikes! I thought...I don't have much pink fabric. What am I to do? (Wringing hands). I'd better go look at the dismal amount of pink I have.

My pinks drawer...and that's not counting my pink fat quarters!

Whoa doggie! That's a lot of pink. Bright pink! Dark pink! Flowery pink! Pastel pink! Let's not go overboard, I think you know what I mean...This month is brights and darks. Save the pastels for later, she (the creative mind behind Rainbow Scrap Challenge) said.

There I am, in pink heaven, picking out the brights and darks. Omigosh! The stack is growing and growing and growing... 21 chosen. Eek! All in one month????? Am I crrrr-aaaa-zzzy, or what? (Do NOT answer)

Thank goodness I chose an easy block, the Snowball. Here's the pinks I've picked.

Dark pinks top, bright pinks middle, just because I want pinks bottom

In the drawer picture, you can see some pinks tied together with a fabric strip. Those are the ones for pastel pink!

I'm counting the pinks I've chosen. One, two, three...six...ten...thirteen! Shut the door! Isn't that an unlucky number? Truth be told, that is my husband's favorite number. This coming from a guy whose favorite color is black. You can see why I married this guy...he's interesting! the little voice in my head said.

Hopefully you can see the sparkly little diamonds!

More math! Wahoo! 14 fabrics divided by 3 weeks left in February equals 4.666666666. I need to make roughly 4 and a half blocks per week to get all the colors in. Can do! Another reason I chose snowballs.

See you next week! Have a pinkety pinkest pinky week!

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