Friday, March 21, 2014

Whooping Our Way to Ikea

Here is your roving blogger reporting from Riverton, Utah, home of Nancy Drew, SWH, Sweetie and Curly. Life is going swimmingly. (Love that term!) I flew in on Saturday morning, went to Church on Sunday and then on to the work week. Nancy Drew and SWH went off to work. Sweetie to school and Curly to daycare.

This blogger's "work week" has a different look to it. I got up at 10:00 a.m. Delicious! Before the readers get too jealous, let me state that I went to bed at midnight. Oh wait, I think that really didn't make a justification of ten hours of sleep.

Behold and hear my justifications:  1.  I'm running on California time (1 hour difference, backward).  2.  The higher altitude, from sea level to 5290 feet, makes me more tired.   3.  I'm catching up on the weariness from work.

I think that #2 is the best. What say you?

Since ND worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I figured I could at least be helpful! I picked up after myself. I cleaned up the kitchen and put away clean dishes. I made dinner. To be completely forthcoming, I made dinner on Monday night, Tuesday we had leftovers, Wednesday ND brought home pizza and Thursday we had leftovers again. I cannot stress how difficult this has been. Probably why I have had to sleep longer!

ND took off Thursday and Friday for total kickback and fun with Momma, as she calls me. Thursday noon we took off on a shopping! I thought it would be loads of fun to take pictures of each stop of the way and post them, like I've seen other bloggers do. I have a lot of improvement to make. I managed to do it at the very first store. After that, after each stop, as we drove away I would remember I should have taken pictures. The first stop was the most exciting to me.


I have never been to Ikea! I have drooled over the thought of going one day. Ikea is a few short miles away from ND's home. Number #1 on my list of things to do, even ahead of a Quilt Store, was IKEA.

Here I am!!! I'm going IN IKEA!
I had to hold myself back from buying some cool stuff, like curtains, one of those basket cart thingies that you can choose the baskets that pull in and out, and bumerang, which is not a product from Austrailia. It's a wooden hangers with clips on it for hanging skirts. I found a perfect upright dresser for my bedroom. I only had 13 pounds left in my check-in luggage.

We hit the lighting section and my daughter saw an interesting lamp. 

The Medusa Lamp!
My objective was a little "bendy" light that Bonnie Hunter had raved about on her blog. It is perfect for getting light exactly where you need it on your sewing machine or longarm. After wandering around, and finding cool things to buy, I finally found it!

Score! I found the jansjo!
To hear more scintillating details and pictures, here is where they are on Bonnie's blog,

After our grueling trudge through the huge IKEA store, we checked out and I decided we needed a treat! I resisted the cinnamon rolls and got us yogurt cones!

We followed up by going to a quilt store!

Turquoise for Rainbow Sampler & Reds for HST BOM

We were a tired pair when we returned home. We hit a shoe store for ND and Deseret Industry, a thrift store, before wrapping up the day. I'd say this was a day worth of Whooping about!

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  1. Sounds like pure shopping fun to me! I have a weak spot for IKEA too!

    1. Now that I've been there you can be sure I'll go back soon! The one we have in California is about an hour away. Now I say, "Who cares? I must go to IKEA!"

  2. So jealous - I love IKEA! You really should check out the fabric department - they don't have much in quilting cotton weight, but what they do have is usually large scale prints and makes great quilt backs! I stock up every time I go by one….

  3. Yep, IKEA has all the good stuff. Great light.

  4. ND (North Dakota? no, no, no... Nancy Drew) is darling. I especially love that she calls you Momma. How fun to shop with your daughter.
    My hubby and I went to IKEA in West Sacramento a few weeks ago, and didn't take any pictures. So you are doing better than I did. We went purposefully to have lunch there. They have Swedish meatballs - we found out that mine are better! (Lots of work to make though.) You know you can ship stuff to your home so you don't have to take it along on the air plane... My BIL does this from the Mall of America to his home in England - but then he is rich. Don't you have an IKEA nearer to you in So.CA?
    Love your blog! You made my day with the excuse choices... higher elevation makes me tired too. My son and DIL got married at 10,000' in Angel Fire NM.
    It's a legit excuse.

  5. I have one of those lights, too. I love it when piecing and quilting. Sounds like you are having fun with your family.

  6. The second excuse is best. I have a terrible time in higher altitudes. Headaches, even nausea if I'm up high enough. long enough. I tank up on smart water and take it easy. Sleep in. Sometimes even steal some oxygen from my brother in law.
    Sounds like you had a great trip.


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