Monday, March 17, 2014

Fabrics, Redwork and a Tale of Woe

Busy week, but not for my sewing machine! I know it’s pining away for me… It’s hard to quilt when your machine is in California and you are in Utah.

Yes indeedy, here I am the lucky Nonnie visiting Nancy Drew and her family including two adorable grandchildren!
x2013-09 Daddy and his girls
Curly, SWH & Sweetie

It makes for a brand-new genre of design wall! It’s called: What did I bring with me?
I bought 4 more fabrics for the Rainbow Challenge. This month the color is turquoise. My daughter took me to a quilt store that was under a mile away from her home! I’m green with envy. On Thursday when she has a day off we are going shopping and visit a few more quilt stores. I’m a happy camper.
new turquoise
I bought this fabric at: My Sister's Quilts in Riverton, Utah.
It's a wonderful store.

 My attempt to at least pull some minutes out for my 30/30. I have a redwork quilt I’m working towards. I started in 2007 embroidering blocks. I had copied pictures from a 1964 coloring book my Aunt Marie kept for the young nieces and nephews to color.

I’m almost done with this one:
rw jump over stick
Excuse the wrinkles from the hoop. I didn’t want to iron on the floss. I’m pretty sure I tested it for bleeding, but not taking a chance today. Also, it has a water type mark (I hope that’s what it is!) which I’m not messing with today either.

I have left all the faces blank on my blocks, except for two. One of my attempts turned out making the child looking like an alien. The other made the children look deformed. I’m looking up a friend that embroiders a lot to teach me how to do the cute faces from the 60’s.

Well, sad to say, *sniff* I have discovered that the 30/30SC challenge is too challenging. I started out March 1 with 30 minutes. Then March 3 with 60 minutes. March 5th at my weekly quilt night with friend,  I started a tree skirt for Nancy Drew and family.

Castle-in-the-cloudsHold it right there! 30/30SC is about eking out 30 minutes of quilting everyday for March for YOURSELF. I was so tickled to start and dream about quilting just for me! Me, Me, Me! As you can see it only took 5 days for me to fall apart. I haven’t quilted everyday for someone, much less myself! Ah, shoot, I was so hoping.

That brings me to another more woeful tale. And it involves my evil pets again. First it was my cats. Read about it here, if you dare!

I am hoping your have a strong stomach, cause this ain’t gonna be pleasant. You've been warned…

Anticipation2On Saturday, after a grueling week of slaving away in the sweatshop that someone calls a job, I decided to fritter away my day. Quilt all day. Considering I had been through a week where I cried about an incident at work, plus got indignant about the treatment being dished out to my husband at work…It was all those hours ahead where I could dabble in my quilting room.
I was a-twitter with the excitement of working on the love-bird’s log cabin quilt. I had it spiderwebbed by column and was ready for joining the rows. The finish line was in sight! Time for the last sprint!

Arrival in Quilting Room

Picking Up theLog Cabin Bundle  from Chair

Placing Bundle on Cutting Table

Opening the Bundle


Dog Poop!

Where is that mangy mutt? I’m going to strangle her!

Don’t you EVEN try looking cute!

Dog slinks away avoiding looking at my face.

She'd better hide

It will take a few days years eons, okay, weeks for me to look kindly at her.

I punished her by going on vacation! What an evil scheme!

For those who are going to experience this horrific event:

  1. I was able to take the three affected blocks out of the quilt since they were spiderwebbed.
  2. Soak blocks (quilt) in cold water with Woolite.
  3. Let soak for 30-60 minutes.
  4. Upon inspection if staining is gone, remove it from water.
  6. Place blocks on a hard surface. I used my washing machine top.
  7. Gently scrape at any remnants of doody from fabric.
  8. Rinse gently…gently…gently.
  9. Press blocks together in your hand without twisting.
  10. If you have not pre-washed your fabric, you will have to pin the blocks to a flat surface, gently stretching the fabric to the size of unwashed blocks.
  11. If you have prewashed fabrics, continue from here.
  12. Dry in a place where it will be undisturbed by Devil Dog.
  13. Make sure there is air circulation to both sides or place on a thick towel.
  14. Let air dry.
I thought this dog was the cutest thing when I got her!

I should have recognized the signs…

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  1. Oh, so much - where do I START?!? Love the redwork and how sweet to use such a sentimental memento as your starting point! Now about your pets...OMG Weasley has "christened" some things with bodily fluids/solids, but NEVER chewed on blocks...WOW! Your hangman display and graveyard made me spit/spew my mouthful of water...yep, just like a shower. All I can say is they must have been mad at you about leaving them alone, or SOMETHING! Weasley punishes me for being away...oy! They are such self-centered little creatures, aren't they! They get jealous of our quilting habit...

    1. I have been keeping my quilt door closed for awhile. Before the doody. I have no idea how she did it but the physical and olfactory evidence process she did it somehow! And you Weakley looks so innocent sitting on that beautiful quilt in your blog! I bet you never turned your back on her!

  2. What a sweet redwork block and I would think that faces would be hard to do. I got a kick out of the photos of your dog as a puppy, now and as a wet mop!! Thanks for sharing! Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

    1. Those redwork blocks are so fun to do! In a later post I want to share the other blocks!

  3. Wow, Terri! You have been busy and sidetracked all at the same time, huh? I hope your four-legged friend stays clear of your sewing for a good long while ; ) And happy you had a visit with your family : ) Sorry to hear it's been hard to find time for your own sewing and quilting, but glad for what you did squeeze in!

    1. Maybe during the summer I can do a 30/30 for the month of July! I love your idea!

  4. OMG! If that's how love is returned.... I think my dog (don't have one right now or for the last 20 years.) had done that, or what your cat's did previously, I think they would now be inmates at the Pound... singing to Lady. Sorry you got naughty pets.

  5. OMG! Dogs! Sometimes I wonder why I keep mine around. It's a good thing he is so cute and lovable - otherwise, he would never make it! :)

    Your red work is too cute for words. I love that image!

  6. I feel your pain. I had a cat that peed on a basted quilt that I had left on the floor while I ran out of the house for an hour. That pain in the rear must have been *waiting* for me to leave! My dad helped me wash it gently, but that cat was in a lot of trouble. Oddly enough it was my fault for leaving my quilt out, but when the cat peed on my dad's bag for work it was "that damn cat has a problem." ;P Glad you were able to fix it!

  7. Sorry to see all the 'crappy' things that could go wrong, have gone wrong. But thanks for linking up with the Let's Bee Social linky party. Does this qualify for calling your dog a party pooper?

  8. the way you told the story with those pictures was hilarious. I know the feeling of hate/love with a pet. My standard ate three tumbling blocks last Christmas... with the plastic templates inside! He ate my watercolor painting. He chose my studio carpet to have the big D one night, which has caused me to always close that door from that day forward. OY
    LeeAnna Paylor

    1. I think your dog should be deeply grateful he is still living! I was a Cub Scout Leader once and had the boys make their names out of salt dough. Once they were baked and the boys painted them, I had them in a box ready for the next meeting. Then my dog, a puppy, started pooping green, yellow, red and blue bits. Mmhmm, he ate the salt clay letters!

  9. Oops! lots of eventualities...but the redwork looks cool.

  10. I had a good chuckle reading this post! :) Love the pics!

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
    Fabric Frenzy Friday


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