Thursday, March 14, 2013

Really Random Thursday

Random is my middle name! It's my major form of organization. I dropped in on a new blog I'm following, Live a Colorful Life. She has Really Random Thursday and I decided this would be a fun thing to blog. You can get to the blog by clicking on the badge in the right column.

My sisty ugler came down from Ashland, Oregon to visit me last Saturday. It was very short and I wish there was more time. It was fantastic to see her and my niece. My sisty ugler is looking marvelous. She retired last summer, lucky her, and she is so much more relaxed.

Before she came down she told me she was giving up on quilting. Can you believe it??? Willingly give up something so wonderful? She had found that quilting was something she could do in little amounts of time that were in between all the craziness of teaching. Now that she has left the madhouse behind, she feels like its time has passed. I guess I can't complain...I got her stash!

So here's what's sitting in front of my design wall today...

It's not an overwhelming stash, but who cares? It's fabric, lovely fabric and it's mine, all mine! (evil chuckle) My sister was more of a project quilter and I don't know how she managed to control herself and not buy pretty fabric just for the beauty of it!

 Isn't this fantastic? My sister obviously has a good eye for color and design. This is a partially finished quilt. I will be in flamingo heaven when I put it together.

Here's a bin of 30's repro fabrics complete with pattern. I hear them calling me right now from the other room....Terri, Terri! Come out and play!

Isn't this going to be yummy? Again another ready to make quilt with pattern! I'm a lucky girl.

Here's just some fabric that I get to pet. There's saw all the bins. There's some fabric from Zimbabwe because my sister goes there so often. A nice bin full of blues and another of blacks.

Heaven! I'm in Heaven!


  1. I think the reason you heard the fabric calling Terri is because it wanted me to work on it....LOL.
    Have a fabulous time with your new acquisitions. I'd say your sis has your birthday and Christmas covered for a decade.

  2. You got some treasures there! Thanks so much for linking up!


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