Monday, February 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Here's the beauty that I will be finishing today.

Before it was fully finished
Trying out borders

I have put on the two borders shown above and just have one more to go. The yellow is 2-1/2 inches and the blue is 5 inches (smaller than shown above). Once I got the light border sewed on I realized I would need a final border to stop the fading off of the blue.

Today the dark blue/purple 3" border goes on. After that comes the sandwiching! I am so excited about this. The spiderweb has been a leader/ender project, so it has been coming along at a slow pace. In fact, towards the end I went full at it and just sewed the remaining wedges.

I used a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter (click here) for this beauty. My last quilt was also one of Bonnie's and a leader/ender. I've done two other quilts as L/E. One I'm still handquilting and the other is the one I'm going to share tomorrow. I just finished it yesterday. Hurrah!

I will start quilting the Spiderweb soon. I am using Leah Day's quilting book (see previous post here). A fellow blogger, Stella, at Walking Life's Path, (click here)  is helping me to figure out what designs to use on the quilt. I'm so glad for her help!

I've given the quilt a name, "Charlotte's Web." Not extremely imaginative, but I am going to applique a spider on the front and then the web that Charlotte made saying, "Some Pig."

I am linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times for Design Wall Monday (click here). Check out other quilters projects!


  1. Good job Nonnie. I've started the spider web quilt too but I only have 2 blocks done - fun project!

  2. Dear QN,
    Great Web! Thanks for the link to the pattern. I hope I get to making it someday. So many other projects.

  3. Your spider web quilt is a real beauty. Love the red background!

  4. very well done. nice pattern and nice work. Thanks


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