Saturday, March 16, 2013


Each time I woke up last night, I felt a thrill. It is Spring Break and I have nine-days of glorious relaxing, quilting and a few projects.

This morning has been Squirrel! This is my husband's way of letting me know that I tend to get distracted and look at Something Else while being involved in Something. The reference comes from the Disney movie "Up! ," where there is a dog character who will be doing something then all of sudden will perk up, look off and say "Squirrel!" I guess that means I have the attention span of a dog! BTW, "Up!" is a great movie, no matter what your age.

But I digress...(which is my way of saying Squirrel)

First thing this morning, I dropped into the quilting/computer room. Bad decision, or good, depending on how you look at it. I've been here awhile. It started with Google Reader and Bonnie Hunter's (see badge at right) Quiltville blog.

I'm looking for recipes and while reading one, I see a reference to Grebel. It is a German fry bread. I'm part German and I'm intrigued. Now the recipe search has turned into finding Grebel. Sounds yummy and I'm going to try it soon, sooner, soonest!

Credit: Diva's Forgotten Memories

Here's a recipe, among many others, to just tantalize you. An important part of grebel is to freeze it after you make the dough, then thaw. Interesting, hmmm?

Grebel Recipe

That leads me to a site for Authentic German food. And realization hits me as I read recipes, I'm not going to be making much German food unless I want to gain back the 30 pounds I lost last year!

Next stop on the Road of Random-ness, I remember a soup that I ate called Pasta e Fagioli, an Italian soup made with Pasta (shells, or rotini) and Beans. I had been dreaming about a rich soup with mixed beans. So off to Google I go. First recipes then to Wikipedia to see the reference for Pasta e Fagioli.

Source: Italian Food Forever

After the reference there is a list of other Wiki-worlds. Wikiversity (Community Learning), Wiktionary (dictionary and thesaurus), Wikisource, Wikinews and more. I see Wikibooks which is  textbooks. I get intrigued (again!) and click on that link. When it comes up there is another listing of Wiki-worlds. And then I see it. (Ahhh!) WikiQuote. I love quotes!

Off I go! They have categories of quotes. I choose proverbs. The quotes are listed by the country they originated from. Being in German frame of mind, I look at those. Fun!

Here are a couple of samples from Germany.

Der Geizige ist keinem gut, ihm selbst der Ärgste.
  • Translation: The covetous man is good to none and worst to himself.
  • English equivalent: Also, "The covetous man is good to none and worst to himself."

Allein ist besser als mit Schlechten in Verein: mit Guten in Verein, ist besser als allein.
  • Translation: It is better to be alone than to be in bad company.
  • English equivalent: Better be alone than in bad company.
Alte soll man ehren, Junge soll man lehren.
  • Idiomatic translation: Grey hairs are honorable.
       I have grey hair!!!!

Now I just can't stop...I'm half German, half Danish, with English, Polish and Icelandic thrown in!

One quote from each!

Pris en skön dag om aftenen.
  • Translation: Celebrate the day when it is evening.
 "Ní thuigeann an seach an seang."
  • Translation: "The well fed person doesn't understand the hungry one."
 Dobre daleko słychać, a złe jeszcze dalej.
  • Translation: Ingratitude is the world's reward.
Goa oro finna godan samastao.
  • Idiomatic translation: Politeness costs little but yields much.
I do notice that many proverbs are the same in each language. Too bad. There is only one source, a Dictionary of European proverbs. Oh, is fun looking.

The Road to Randomness has taken a turn. I'm off to shower, dress and Q-U-I-L-T!

But who knows how long that will take with all the side roads along the way?


  1. That soup looks super yummy, I think I might make some up this week! Feel free to stop by on your vacation and have some :) If not maybe when we're out there we can make some there.


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  3. those are "flutterbye" moments. Another thought/idea goes by and you point and say"oh look--how pretty" and the first thought is GONE!

    German recipes--I'm a bit German--but DH's family is 100% German. His parents grew up speaking German at home--English is the 2nd language. DH speaks a little--understands it. We have a great potato dumpling soup, I make "kuchen" (South Dakota Official State dessert) regularly, and my husband begs me to learn to make knoepla (okay--the spelling is close). Plachinda (another spelling I'm not sure of). And if you're really into German heritage--there is a big "Schmeckfest" in Freeman South Dakota. Next weekend is the last few days until next year.


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