Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Design Wall

It was June of this year. Hot. Bright sun. Long days.

My quilty friend, JP, and I decided to make Christmas tree skirts. JP and I get together every Monday to quilt and in June decided to do a mutual project.

I was happy to get such an early start on these two skirts. I knew that they would be done well before Christmas. (Can you tell something is coming?)

Last year I had made a Christmas tree skirt for Noel Heart. You can read the story here and see the gorgeous quilt. I finished it right before Christmas, but it took real hustle to do it.

This year, I said with satisfaction, I’ll finish way before the Thanksgiving holiday. In our house, at Thanksgiving, I give each of my kids a Christmas decoration for the house. It’s a tradition I’m carrying forth from my Mom.

Fast forward to after Thanksgiving. Say, this past week. I finally finished the skirt for Nancy Drew. Phew! But, at least it’s done!

The photos are a little light or dark, depending on which one you look at. It was night. I was using my "good" camera. It tends to make pictures that are not the correct brightness (or darkness)!

This is the back, but both sides can be used for under the tree.

I'm hooking up with the parties on the right column! You won't be sorry if you go and visit each of them. There are a lot of creative quilters out  there!

Don't miss my Christmas Carol Countdown 2014. It started on Monday and will continue to Christmas Eve. Lots of great carols, stories and videos. You do not want to miss it this year! Just click on the badge on the top right each day!


  1. Nice looking skirt - and it's reversible! What a good idea.

  2. What a beautiful tree skirt. I love she can use the pieced side or the simple side.

  3. Pretty tree skirt and what a great idea to make it reversible!

  4. What a sweet finish... And just in the St. Nick of time! Looks fabulous from either front or back. Nice work!

  5. very pretty, I need to do one, but never seem to think about it in advance.

  6. At least you got it done in time, I am thinking my tree skirt will be ready for next year, lol.

  7. Lovely skirt, I think homemade tree skirts are always the way to go. Love the prints you used


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