Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Carol Countdown 2014: 10 Days to Go!

Firstest, my first grandson, introduced me to the zany, loopy world of Veggie Tales. It started as a series on TV and has expanded to DVD’s of episodes.

Each episode would teach and help kids to understand moral themes. The stories are told and acted out by animated vegetables. The hosts are Bob the Tomato and his less-than-serious sidekick Larry the Cucumber.

Here is Firstest at 1-and-a-half with his Mommy, Noel Heart.
I don't know who that man in the red suit is though.

Some of their stories are: The Wise and Foolish Builders, An Easter Carol, The Wonderful Wizard of Ha’s, and two different episodes of Minnesota Cuke, that are parodies of Indiana Jones, but the themes are still about knowing how to choose the right. There are several Christmas-themed episodes also.

Soon I was totally enthralled with Veggie Tales. In each episode there would also be Silly Songs with Larry. My daughters and I learned many of the songs and loved to belt them out.

The “Christmas Carol” for tonight is from Silly Songs: Oh Santa. It features, of course, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber along with a green onion robber, a Viking pea and a squash?, you decide.

Don’t miss the Viking’s reference to quilts!

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And if you still are seeking more Silly Larry songs, try these:

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  1. Cute, but I missed the quilting reference, darn. I did love the part where the robber got swished behind the door each time, and that Larry knows enough to slam the door on the IRS agent. LOL!


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