Monday, July 28, 2014

Messes Always Come Before Tidiness

Is this really Monday? Design Wall? Not in Nonnie-land!

We had Hubby’s youngest brother visiting us this week. We enjoyed having him here the entire time! There was lots of catch up to do since we haven’t seen him in about 10 years.

You know the old saying… “Guests, like fish, should be thrown out after three days.” It was certainly not true with Younger Brother. I felt at home having him here which, in itself, is a milestone.

While he was here I got a chance to sort through some scrap bins. It was loads of fun, but I made myself a load of work!  My quilt room now looks like a bomb went off in there!

Can I just stop here and quote, loosely, Michio Kaku: “It’s pointless to have a nice clean desk, quilting room, because it means you’re not doing anything.”

Either I’m a hamster running on a wheel or I’m reorganizing!

I’m sorting scraps by color and storing each color in a soft drink box. And don’t try to cozy up to me now! I do not have $1000 dollars in that box on top! I would tell you what’s in the box, but I’ve lost it in the mess “gentrification” project.

Saturday I engaged in re-allotment. Which is defined in Nonnie’s dictionary as moving fabric around to make more room and ending up with just the same amount of fabric just in different locations!

As a result I now have three drawers for blue, instead of two: light blue, medium blue and dark blue. And up- cycled one drawer to two for red and green and … Well, I don’t want to make you depressed because of all of the beautifulness of my organizing. Because all I did was take stuff that had been in drawers to make more room for certain colors and put previous stuff in boxes. I still haven’t figured out where those boxes are going to go!

Certainly not here!

And now, dear readers, my story is told. If you want to see real design walls, check out these sites. Real quilters! Real projects! Just click on a badge from the right sidebar.

Wait! Before you leave, here is the status of the blue block I reported on last week:

Don't adjust your monitor! There is a picture there. And it is what has been done on my blue and white block. More here about said block.


  1. Too funny! When I clean my 'Hidey Hole" it stays that way for maybe an hour. There are just too many wonderful things to make!

  2. I was there about a month ago. I am the champion of moving stuff from place to place. And it doesn't matter how neat you get it, just sneeze and it's back to the same.

  3. I'm sad to say, I don't know if we can be friends now or anymore... you clean.
    Oh, it's okay, I cleaned the studio last week a bit, too. Vacuumed the floor and moved some furniture around to do it, too. Open House again.... no buyer again either. But we did have company, so there was no loss there. I hope your cleaning session was not in vain.

  4. Hmm, a tidy sewing room. I had one of those two years ago! The boys are headed to uni in three weeks. I plan on moving scraps into one of their rooms... do you think they'll notice at Thanksgiving? I'm hoping to store my general scraps according to size, then have 19th century repros and batiks. I don't think I can get more specific than that.

  5. My husband laughs at me whenever I try to reorganize... he says I am just moving my piles around! :) And, he is right. And, then I can't find things because I moved them to another place.

  6. When I began quilting and finally got my first "real" sewing space I proudly showed it to a more experienced friend. Her first comment was "It is too clean.". LOL. Now I know what she meant. Mine always looks like a bomb went off in there.

  7. oh what a mess you made! Ha ha, just had to say it but you don't know from mess til you've visited my sewing hole. I am in process of reorgainzing too and it's downright confusing in there. I do sort scraps by color but in see thru plastic shoe boxes that stack. I love scraps.
    LeeAnna from not afraid of color!

  8. I am glad to see that someone else also used the same organization method that I do...organized chaos. Eventually I will have so much stuff in my sewing room that it will explode. Fabric and thread, etc. will rain down upon my neighbors. (I love those clear plastic bins...that way I can't hide things from myself as easily!)


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