Monday, July 21, 2014

Quilter Without A Brain Tries to Make Quilt Block

Ah the beauty, the magnificence of a Lone Star. All those amazing little diamonds joining hands and becoming big diamonds. What a tribute to team work.

It’s a true pleasure to work on this UFO.

you go to sew in the last backgound triangle…

Pay Close Attention to Right Lower Corner of Picture

Oh yes, dear friends, it’s all fun and games until the seam isn’t long enough!

I’ve been measuring things this way and that…and I haven’t quite decided what I am going to do. Oh well. Like Scarlett O’Hara said, “I won’t think of it now. I’ll think of it later when I can stand it.”

Meanwhile, I was auditioning blocks for the borders of the ghastly beautiful Lone Star. I found some on Quilter’s Cache that were rated easy. I needed easy, I had a lot to make and I didn’t want something with 57 pieces. I’ve already done that with the Farmer’s Wife!

My first was Railroad Crossing. 4 hourglass blocks, on point. 4 16-patch. Yes, I think this is easy.

Yes, but did you consider the number of pieces?  (102) Yeah, but the 16 patches are string pieced!

When I Should Have Had This

So I Started Out With This

Pull out white fabric from drawer, unfold all 2 yards of it and cut another strip, sub-cut to squares, sew to short strips.

Onto the next step! Whistling with lighter spirits, I moved on to the half-square triangles. I had a speedy method to make them. Off I glided to my sewing machine...

The 7.5" Behemouth

Everything was just fine until I realized that there were four HSTs in each corner...not just one. And not only that, they were 2", not the 7.5" I had just done!

I cut down one 2" HST from each of the 7" ones. Still had to make more blue and white...drag out the white fabric again. Spent 15 minutes trying to find where I put away the blue fabric! Finally:

Ah, That's More Like It!
As I made a mock-up of the block, I realized that the corners of the 16 patches were made with 2 white/white HST.

Drag out white fabric, unfold, cut, refold.   

All I had left was to sew together the 16-patches and put it together. Yup, that's all.

Hmmm, do you know how many times I've taken out the white fabric?

And what about all those stitches I've ripped out?

Nope, I'm remembering Scarlett O'Hara.

"Fiddle de dee, tomorrow is another day!

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