Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Very Random Number

This is the BEST randomness you can find in May:

Yessss! Yes Indeedy! Eleven days until glorious summer vacation!


What will I be doing this summer?



Not this year

So what will I be doing, you ask?

Ahhhh, quilting!

Grandmother reading a book to her grandsonHappy stick-person reading a large bookView detailsWoman with coffee mug working at a computer

And there you have the gloriousness of grey-haired self: Quilting, visiting grandchildren, reading, vegetable & flower gardening and writing my blog.

Only 11 more days!

I'm hooking up with Really Random Thursday over at Live A Colorful Life. Click on the badge on the right sidebar and see what other randomness you can find!


  1. lol, very nice. I think you should try surfing the big waves at least once this summer. :)

  2. Only 11? Does that include weekends, or just work days?
    I say you will be enjoying "Grandma fun", three months practice for retirement. Don't forget shopping in your list. I do love the fabric shopping.

  3. I am at 12 and 1/2, but even that seems doable! I also plan to do lots of quilting!

  4. Your post made me smile! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the good stuff.

  5. Great post! It already feels like summer where we live-way too soon!

  6. PS. I'm currently reading the same book! Thoughts?


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