Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Gem of a Book

Oh my golly gosh! I finished a wonderful, fantastic, awesome, _______ (add your own adjective) trilogy.

If you look at the bottom of my blog, you will see a list of books I've read this year and last. I've already read two series of books by Garth Nix. I just finished the first books he wrote. And what books! This is my favorite of his series by far.

Garth Nix series I've Read

Here is the Abhorsen Series: astonishing, grand, stunning __________ (add your 2nd adjective) series of books. Definitely on par with the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien.  Put these on your Must Read NOW. It is a fantasy fiction genre. It takes place in a land that is divided in two: the Old Kingdom and Ancelstierre. The Old Kingdom is one where the residents have a form of magic called the Charter. Ancelstierre is like our world in modern times: past or present?

Sabriel and Lirael are Abhorsens. They are of an ancestry whose special calling is to maintain the border between life and death. They are fighting against old forces of evil who possess Free Magic. It is a riveting story of people who are given an unwanted personna and how they accomplish their missions in life.

My description is bland, mundane, unworthy, ____________ (add your 3rd adjective) of the majesty of the series. Trust me, you want to read them.

It has fascinating, gripping, engrossing, _______________ (add your 4th adjective) characters. (Don't you feel like you're playing Mad Libs??) Characters such as Mogget, a magical cat, the Disreputable Dog, Sameth, the Prince of the Old Kingdom, necromancers and Nick, a conflicted man from Ancelstierre.

I hope you put this on your list of Must Read NOW list! You'll not regret it!

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**some of the description of plot is from Wikipedia

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  1. I used to do a little reading, but now that I am quilting..... I don't take or make the time for it anymore. Hope you can find another series to spark your interest! Oh, I see you have the 30/30 sewing challenge button up. Glad you will be joining in!


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