Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Getting It Done

You know the saying...A day late, a dollar short. That's me. Monday is the day my husband works until 6:00 pm. This gives me 3 hours home alone which is always my quilt time. It's wonderful to quilt for a whole 3 hours straight! Last night I had to do my favorite task: Budget. It took the beloved 3 hours. Then at 6:00 when hubby was home, we scrounged around for dinner. At 7:00 we settled in to watch "our team" Sacramento Kings play basketball. I was so tired from my first day back at school that I went to bed at 8:00! So, no blog.

Without further ado, here's my Getting Her Done list for January!

1.  Get Spider Web quilt top finished and sandwiched.
     All blocks are finished, need to put Fray Check on red fabric that turned out to fray amazingly fast. Sew blocks together. Put on borders. Sandwich.

2.  Get Bricks and Stepping Stones finished and sandwiched.
     I have the top finished. Put on borders. Sandwich.

3.  Finish Marie's Square in Square. 
     This quilt was done Quilt As You Go, my first attempt! I need to  hand sew the last column. Put on borders. Attach binding.

4.  Start my son & wife's wedding quilt: Double Wedding Ring. 
     My son and his wife had a 6-week engagement. So very nice of them in letting me make a wedding quilt! I am using the Quilt Smart piecing to make it. It's basically paper piecing, except they provide the patterns printed on a very light woven material-which I can't remember the name. I already have the material. So it's getting it started, which might just be sewing one piece onto the foundation! At the same time, start my #1 daughter's quilt as a Leader/Ender.

This is fairly ambitious for me. I am back at work; I'm a teacher. I don't get much quilting in during the school year. I am committed to quilting at least an hour a day. Hard to do, but I am especially committed to starting the DWR (Double Wedding Ring) and working furiously to get it to them on their first anniversary, June 7, 2013.

Let the quilting begin!

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  1. HI there! I found your blog through Judy's Quiltathon post. I am "Nonnie", too, to my grandchildren. My oldest grandchild, little girl, is 10 months old and my youngest (well, only other grandchild), is a boy and he is 6 months old. This Nonnie business is new to me but I love it! My neices and nephews called my mother "Nonnie", as well. Good luck on making headway with your projects :-)


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