Saturday, January 5, 2013

Changes Are Coming!

I am definitely a spotty blogger. Mostly what I post is for my family. I plan on getting back to my original plan for this blog:


I'm currently working on finishing three quilts: 

Spiderweb Quilt

Marie's Square-in-Square


Bricks and Stones



I've watched two movies this week...a treat I can only do while I'm on vacation.
Dark Shadows & Dark Knight Rises




Just finished reading: Memoirs of a Geisha
Currently readingMr. Pettigrew Takes a Stand, New Testament, Book of Mormon


Here are my babies!
Nancy Drew at 2 years old (now 33)

Noel Heart at 2 yrs old (now 35)




Talented Geek Son at 2 yrs old (now 31)

  Now What?

My dilemma then was what to do about posts for my family? The answer is to create another blog for our family. I'm very excited about this venture!

What will the family blog be? Stories about our family. I have some pretty amusing stories about my children. I will have to keep my children anonymous (see how long that idea lasted?) since they would be embarrassed if their circle of friends knew the family skeletons! Now I'll have a place to post videos I like instead of emailing them. I send them lots of emails with things I find interesting. I'm sure they're not always thrilled, and maybe get tired and don't even look. I know how much they look forward to each of my emails to find what new amusing, interesting and weird things I've found.

Family blog= stories, amazing videos, jokes, recipes, eclectic items and  inclusion of the weekly family letter.

Oops! Don't tell anyone! They don't even know my New Year's Resolution to write an old-fashioned letter to all of them. Shhh!

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