Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pass The Peanuts Please! #5

Santa Rosa has the Warm Puppy Cafe!

Kuala Lumpur has the Charlie Brown Café!

I've eaten in the Warm Puppy. It is located inside Snoopy’s Home Ice, an ice rink. It serves Peppermint Patty hot chocolate, of course, to warm up shivering skaters. There’s a real fireplace and you can look out through the glass to see the ice rink. 

From “Snoopy’s Grill” you can get a Beagle Burger. The “Young Pups” menu has a pbj called “Snoop-wich”! You can get a Snoopy’s Special, hot dog, fries and soda, served in Snoopy’s Own Dog Dish! There are also Joe ‘Cool’ Beverages, Snacks & Tweets, salads and soups.

CB Jaclyn I discovered the Charlie Brown Café while doing research on Peanuts. Somewhere in Google, I found a listing for Charlie Brown Café in a blog called JACLYN Life.” She is a 20-something woman travels around Asia who blogs about different places to eat and rates hotel rooms she stays in.

I subsequently found that there are Charlie Brown Cafes in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kowloon. Two of them have closed, but I couldn’t find out about the third.

The café is adorable with Charlie Brown waiting to greet you.

The wall art is so sweet. 

Most of the food, desserts and cookies have a Peanuts motif. 

Cakes too!

I must say the menu is original!

Hey, does anyone want to take a trip to Hong Kong with me??

And lest I forget, the answer to last week's question: Name the less-known Peanuts characters is:
Patty,  Shermy, Violet Gray, Sally Brown, Frieda, Franklin, Marcie, Rerun VanPelt, Eudora, Peggy Jean, Roy, Charlotte Braun, Oliver  More about these characters to come in another blog post!

This week's question: Name the members of Snoopy's family! Leave your answers in the comments below.

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Jaclyn Life blog:


  1. I'm thinking Oscar, and Spike... there is one more brother, but I just can't remember the name. Weren't they born at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm?
    What a legacy left for the whole world by Charles Shultz.

  2. You're right about Daisy Hill Puppy Farm; I didn't remember that! I can't confirm or deny Oscar and Spike...but tune in for the answers next week!

    It's truly amazing the influence Charles Schulz has still. The more research I do, the more impressed I am. Just like today's post who knew that there were Charlie Brown Restaurants in Asia??

  3. Hey, Terri, I'm not first! I agree with the other Terri -- Oscar and Spike. Is Charlotte the Little Red-Haired Girl?

    1. You're not the first one to comment and I'm shocked! Nope, Charlotte is not the Little Red-Haired Girl. Tune in for a future post on the lesser-known Peanuts characters! Same bat time, same bat station!


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