Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pass The Peanuts Please! #6

Merry Peanuts Christmas in July!

Through the years many Peanuts-themed fabrics were produced. Right now there isn’t a current fabric of Peanuts Christmas.

Not to be dissuaded, disillusioned, discouraged or defeated, I went a-looking.

My first stop for anything vintage, unusual or gift-worthy is Etsy. All homage to Etsy. If you’ve never visited them, you. are. in. for. a. big. treat. Colossal. Tremendous. Mammoth. Jumbo.

I was not disappointed! There is a plethora of Peanuts Christmas Fabrics! Just type in “Peanuts Christmas Fabric.” Bingo!

Here’s a itsy-bitsy sampling:
ON SALE - Quilting Treasures Peanuts Christmas Time Quilt Fabric White 1/2Y
Peanuts Characters Caroling, small, blue

Peanuts Christmas Fabric Stripe 1 Yard
Peanuts Christmas comic strip panel

Fabric Material Peanuts Christmas Time Holiday Pageant Hunter Green Great for Crafts and Projects Fat Quarter
Peanuts Characters in Holiday Pageant

Peanuts Christmas Fabric Charlie Brown Snoopy Cotton Material Half Yard Rare Hard to Find itsyourcountry
I Want A Dog for Christmas, comic strip
Christmas Time - Peanuts - Quilt Panel Red/Navy 22152-RN
Christmas Time Quilt Panel

Be Merry Holiday Charlie Brown Fabric By The Yard FBTY

Be Merry Holiday Charlie Brown Fabric

And here’s a real find!
A Wonderful Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Stocking Soft Book Fabric Panel Free US Shipping
A fabric soft book of Charlie Brown and the Christmas Stocking

I’m sure there’s fabric at Ebay; I didn’t even check. I have had wonderful experiences buying through Etsy. I have never gotten any item that is less than exactly what was described!


Ta da! Here is the answer to last week’s question: Name the members of Snoopy’s family.

Snoopy has 5 brothers and 2 sisters! Whoda thunk it? Only 5 appeared in the comic strip.



The two that never showed up on the strip:



This week’s question:  What did Marcie call Peppermint Patty? What did Peppermint Patty call Charlie Brown?  Leave your answers in the comments below!


  1. Marcie always called PP "Sir" (to her annoyance) and PP always called CB "Chuck" She is that kinda girl.

    1. You sound like you admire her! I liked her spunkiness.

    2. I did admire that she takes care of herself and her Dad, and plays a really good game of baseball. I don't admire the D- that she gets in everything, but given her situation at home... it's kind of a given.
      And that crush on Chuck - and he doesn't even notice...

  2. Quick response! Check in next week for answers! Also, check the post now. I was working on it when it got posted...more pictures added.

  3. That other Terri girl beat me again! I think it's really just you with a different avatar. I had no idea Snoopy had so many siblings.

    1. Arghhh! You discovered my evil plan! I was surprised at the sibs also. I only knew about Spike. It's definitely easier to put new characters in a comic strip than in a TV show!

    2. The other Terri is me - from QuiltNCards. We are two different Terris.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting on my Windmill Quilt.
    P.S. I have never seen Peanuts fabric before. Glad you found some.


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