Thursday, February 22, 2018

Throwback Thursday #1

How did I miss it? With all the quilt blogs I go through? With all the quilty parties I look at in columns? There are people who blog about Throwback Thursday? Oh well, *sigh*, I must let the past go and bravely look forward to the coming year!

I stumbled, if you can do that on the computer, upon Vicki's blog: My Creative Corner3,  where she joyfully, happily and shoutingly celebrates Throwback Thursday. Every _________, (I thought that was an easy one! Answer at bottom of page!) Anywho, every _______ she chooses a post from a "few years or 5 ago" to "see what I was doing then and chuckle at how dated my post is there and if the pictures are still there lol!"

"What fun!" I thought with elation. I could do the same thing except my blog really only dates to 4 years back and there are a lot of blank months. "Oh well," I thought pondered. "I can do it! Even if it is 4 years back. No one is going to complain." I thought optimistically. "They better not complain! Hmmmph." I growled.

Well bless my soul, I'm getting a little grumpy. I probably just need to eat. I'm going to go right to a blog from February 10, 2014. I hope it is as much fun for you as it is for me!

The throwback blog is here:

Oh, and by the way:


I'm going to get something to eat before the grumpy, growling and grousing me comes out!

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