Friday, January 5, 2018

Looking into a Crystal Ball

Does anyone have a crystal ball or even an eight ball? I could use one to figure out 2018, quilty wise! Or maybe it's better to ask dear old Dad. We all know "Father Knows Best."
1954 Cast of Popular TV Series: "Father Knows Best"

Oh yay! Dad says he's absolutely certain I'm going to have a great quilty year! Hurray for 2018! Hurray for Dad!

And now, The Word for the Year. A couple of years ago, people starting adopting a word to help them or help them focus for the coming year. I've thought of one of them this year!


Yup, FIX encompasses a few ideas for my 2018 quilting.
  • I have a few quilts that need some fixing, do you have that problem? Mostly they are seams that are coming apart. My grandson´s first quilt, Chris the Fireman, has that problem. He is now 17 years old and I gave it to him when he was 2. It seems about right for a quilt this age to have frays. The interesting part is that it has NEVER been washed!

  • My quilt: The Seventies Are Calling; They Want Their Fabric Back, was Quilt-As-You Go. The hand-stitching to finish the sashing has come apart and I think I'll fix that by sewing the sashing by quilting it on the machine.
  • One more quilt that I'm aware of: one that my husband picked out from Bed, Bath & Beyond. We bought it when we first moved to our new city in 1999. We really liked the pattern and still do. It is now bursting out of its seams. Well, so am I, ahem, but both the quilt and I have the same reason: we're getting older.
  • I don't have pictures of lots of my quilts and Aunt Marie's quilts. The pictures of most of my quilts are pictures of blocks or something happening along the way.
  • The last definition of FIX! is putting labels on my quilts and my Aunt Marie's quilts. Quilt labels are a rock-solid necessity. My Aunt didn't label her quilts; therefore, I have not information on when she quilted them. Her quilts are incredible! Just as important as dates is information on why the quilt was made and whom it was intended for. You can make one simple like on the left or one more informative.


I have a v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y long list of UFOs. In fact when I was trying to figure out which quilts needed fixing, I notice that the majority of quilts I have are not done! I am only taking on 4 quilts I want to finish this year. I've been slow at finishing my quilts, even with being retired!

1.  Firstest's Graduation Quilt It is due in June and not even started, although I have the fabric and     pattern
2.  Put together the top of Growing Up Odd

3.  Quilt Give and Take
     This one's to have joint custody between my hubby and myself and will be hand-quilted.

 4.  Make 8 more Soul Searching RSC (Rainbow Scrap Challenge) 2015 blocks and sew them  together to make top.

These are a picture of blocks made by someone else for RSC.
Sa lang tid for nu.

I'm of Danish descent. This phrase is "So long for now" in Danish. Just so you know, the "a" in "Sa" actually has a circle above it.


  1. Fix sounds like a good word for 2018. So often we do not need new things, just fix old ones. Honestly, things that need fixing are usually not fun. Here is my secret - alternate between something that HAS to be done with something I WANT to do. Wishing you joy and creativity in the new year.

  2. Fix is a really good word to have. I've never done the word of the year, but I may just do that this time. You have 4 good concentration quilts! I'm guessing you'll start with the graduation quilt?

  3. Fixing takes less time than Making....
    You are showing some beautiful quilts! Thanks for sharing.

  4. You have your work cut out for you. Lots of pretty projects to work on in 2018. At first I thought the last one SS was a shot of one I did, but I don't think it is. Very similar though. It is one of my favorite that I did recently.

  5. Best of luck on the things you need to FIX, as well as the things you need to finish. Happy New Year!!

  6. I don't have pictures of my early quilts. Some are still in use and sadly fading and worn. But that shows lots of use and love. Totally needed.

    I like your idea of a few UFOS at a time. I am trying to prioritize as well.


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