Monday, January 15, 2018

Looking Ahead, Looking Back #2

Today is a holiday in the US. It's Martin Luther King Holiday and schools (and my husband!) get the day off. I forgot there even was a holiday...Hmm, so here's how it goes. I was a teacher a year-and-a-half ago. Any holiday was highly anticipated and I looked forward to every holiday from weeks before it came. Breathless excitement. A day of quilting. Yee-haw! Now I'm retired. Holidays are seen in a different manner. I don't even know when a holiday is coming up; except for the big ones, of course. So MLK day caught me by surprise but I love surprises. I guess that's what holidays mean when you're retired:  surprise! And I like surprises, as illustrated by this unknown lady in the picture.

I don't have white hair; I have grey hair. I don't have that many wrinkles, but I do have wrinkles. I don't have a blue sweater; but I do have a navy blue sweater.  I do wear glasses. And I do have a smile on my face!


Here are what my goals were for last week:
    Work on finishing the block of the month.
     Finish RSC Green Block.
    Trace letters onto fabric for Poppet's birthday present.
You can find the post giving you the low down on these goals here.

Here it is, block #7. Five left to go!

And here are the other five blocks that I have finished. The block above is also in the collage.
The editing didn't quite turn out as the color is a little different with each. I think the first one on top left corner is the best representation.

The second goal was to finish the RSC Green block. I didn't get this done.

The third goal, Trace letters onto fabric for Poppet's birthday is almost done. (edit: I have to start over on tracing! I just noticed when I went to post the pictures that it wasn't going to work putting the sandwich together. At the time I was tracing 20 of the letters it made some kind of sense to me to trace the letters on the wrong side of the fabric. Silly girl. The next step after tracing is to sandwich and sew all three layers together. I can't sew around the outline if the letters on the wrong side. I'm doing a stitching/pinking finish so everything has to be right side out.) I'm going over to Noel Heart, Poppet's mom and my daughter, on Friday. Poppet's birthday is on the 20th, so the alphabet letters will be ready then! Or else!


    Finish the letters by Thursday night, hopefully without staying up till two in the morning!
    Sew together the rows on RSC green block. (If I get the letters done early, I'll put some work on this)

Cotton Robin blog is doing their Round Robin Quilt project again this year! I've participated in this twice and it is a barrel of fun! Here's the quick rundown: You make a center block and send it to the next person. The name of that person is given to you by the Julie, the organizer, as are all the rest. Someone sends you their block. You add another row and send it on its way. You receive another block+new row. You sandwich, quilt and bind. You send the completed block back to owner and you receive yours back. There is a size limit so you get a nice 20x20 (or less) wall hanging. Here are the two I did in the past.
This is my beginning block

This is the finished wall hanging. The color is brighter as shown in the first photo.

This is the finished wall hanging. I did the red block in the center without the bird.
Lots to do this week which translates into lots of fun this week!
Nyd din dag


  1. Beautiful blocks!! And thanks for wearing a smile on your face! I am sure it is appreciated and it brightens up the day of everyone around you!

  2. Your beginning block is gorgeous. I am sure it will make a lovely quilt.

  3. Beautiful blocks! I love the yellow star. And that's great to be retired, it's always holiday time!! (how lucky you are ;))

  4. You have so many fun things going on. I know about being retired and forgetting holidays. Now that DD is not at home, I don't always pay attention to the holidays.
    Have fun and sew on.

  5. Hi Nonnie,
    So that is not you in the photo, but a close facsimile if we change your hair, remove wrinkles, darken the sweater and pick different glasses. I can now pick you out of any crowd! HAHA! What a fun round robin! I can't wait to see how this comes together. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. Great BOM blocks. Good luck on your goal setting and accomplishments!

  7. Plum and green are so pretty together. That's going to be a very nice quilt. Love your little round robins - how awesome that someone did an embroidery round!

  8. What a fun post! I've done one round robin and had fun with it. I would do another one day! Your star is the perfect center to start with!

  9. You are adorable! I found your website from Kelly's NTT. You do,beautiful work! I enjoyed your post! Best of luck with all your BOMs, etc!

  10. What a fun project - a little of your art on all those quilts! Lookin' good!

  11. I just love the colors in your RSC blocks! The round robin sounds like so much fun; I love how the previous blocks turned out! Thank you so much for linking up with To-Do Tuesday! :)

  12. I like this web blog very much so much good information.


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