Monday, January 8, 2018

Looking Ahead and Looking Back #1

When I got up this morning it was raining. It was coming down pretty hard. It's scheduled to rain today and tomorrow. YAY! I like rain. We need rain. I like rain.

Ain't it purty? I relish the rain! I open my slider and listen to the sound that I adore: the sound of rain on the patio aluminum roof. I don't mind going out in the rain. I don't have a hairstyle to ruin and I'm not worried about that. Can you ruin a ponytail? Hmmm. When I have the right shoes on I love to jump right in the puddles!

Putting my Gene Kelly aside, here's the lowdown on how I did last week:'s hard to start with a red letter C or a negative, but I'll just dive in. I didn't do anything on Actually, I did very little quilting at all. 

I worked on my block for the BOM challenge at Jo's Country Junction. The challenge is to pick up an old BOM that you abandoned and go forth making a block each month. I picked out my very first BOM I bought. I had just starting quilting and, in 2006, I thought I'd buy a Block-of-the-Month to teach me how to quilt. I picked out a quilt that I thought looked easy (no snickering yet). I bought it from Keepsake Quilting. I managed the first block, which I messed up so bad I had to call and ask if they had any more fabric to replace what I'd messed up on. Bless their little pointy heads, they had some and sent it to me FREE. Over the years, I've done some blocks: six, to be precise. Here's the almost finished block I worked on this week:

Next up, I started sorting out all the scraps I've been saving for a string quilt. I am very excited about this little baby. A few years ago, I saw a picture of this quilt. I named it The Spaghetti Quilt. There wasn't a pattern, but it looked relatively easy to reproduce.

I chose a color palette for this quilt. I chose purple and green with orange as a punch of color. I got out my 3 bins/boxes of strips and fabric I had collected and started to sort them into a big box for green and purple and a shoe box for orange. Right at the git go, I had worried that I wouldn't have enough orange. I made sure to buy oranges when I saw them. I outdid myself...I have too much orange. My ratio that I'm planning is 3 parts purple, 3 parts green and 1 part orange. It's somewhere to start...


Camera didn't capture the orange-ness

Looking Forward

One thing I forgot on my 2018 Goals, was Poppet's birthday coming up in January, which is if you didn't notice is this month. I'm making her some Alphabet Letters for the Fridge. I found a good tutorial online. It's from Twin Talk Blog, which has moved to Parenting in Moments.

That's where I'm heading today.

Work on finishing the BOM block.

Finish RSC Green Block.

Nyd din dag

Enjoy your day, in Danish. Just don't ask me to pronounce it. I'm about 1/3  Danish and my linguistic skills aren't that great!


  1. I like the spaghetti sauce. Nice quilt.
    The letters will be lots of fun.

  2. I like the spaghetti quilt pictured. Your colors ought to look nice in that pattern. Does the one pictured have a bandana backing? Looks interesting, whatever it is.

  3. It sounds to me like you're getting more accomplished than you think. The alphabet refrigerator magnets are a fantastic idea, love the idea of the spaghetti quilt string blocks, and GOOD FOR YOU coming back to that first BOM now that you have attained the skills you need to be successful with it!

  4. Love the Spaghetti Quilt - it's very much in line with the quilt making techniques I'm exploring in the book Improv Patchwork this month. Be sure to throw some cream into the mix.

  5. I love the colors you chose for your spaghetti quilt!

  6. You have some interesting projects on the go and I like your BOM block. Thanks for sharing the idea of a spaghetti are right that looks very doable and my scrap bin is starting to fill up. Good luck with your stitching!


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