Monday, February 9, 2015

Sweetie and her Quilt: A Valentine's Story

In the spring of 2008, Nancy Drew and SWH moved into a very nice townhouse. Sweetie was allowed to choose the color to paint her room. She chose blue, which was a surprise to all. Sweetie's favorite color has always been pink, but the room was painted blue.

That summer when I came to visit I made curtains for Sweetie's room. I also decided to make a quilt for her bed for Christmas. I bought more of the curtain fabric and some great butterfly fabric and was all set. That Christmas Sweetie wanted everything "High School Musical," including a bedspread. I put off the quilt for a year.

I made her quilt the following year and when it was finished had enough time to get it to the quilter and then to Sweetie for Christmas. Unfortunately (which seems to be a common word so far) I had been sick since Thanksgiving, and the quilt languished for a couple of weeks before I got it to the quilter. I got it back five days before Christmas and still had the binding to do. Thank goodness Sweetie's birthday is January 25th. I swapped Christmas and birthday presents and sent Sweetie's quilt off for her birthday.

When Sweetie got her quilt, she called me. She was yelling into the phone, "I LOVE IT! IT'S SO PRETTY! I LOVE IT!"

Now there's a response you love to get when you give a quilt!

AL's quilting made the quilt. Instead of having a meander, I had asked her to quilt something inside each heart. She also quilted around all the butterflies in the alternate blocks and the border. The quilt looked amazing after she finished!

As a sweet P.S.—the summer I made the curtains I was looking at my shoes laying on the floor in Taylor’s room. Right next to my size ten sandals where Taylor’s go-aheads. A charming reminder of how little she was that year!

Life Quilt #20

From My Heart to Yours               
started: October 2009        
finished:  January 2010                             
Queen size 90x98
Pieced by myself, Quilted by AL

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