Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Finish!!!

This month was a photo-finish, and I won it by a nose! I finished my 5th and 6th pillowcases yesterday. That left me one day to spare!

So here they are in their completed-ness!

Pillow #1
Cherries & Flowers

It ended up too short. Lucky me, I found a short pillow!

Pillow #2
Quilty Sayings

I found this fabric at PIQF Quilt Show several years back. I didn’t know how I was going to use it, but had to have it because it’s so funny. It found it’s destiny: being a pillow.

Back of pillow

Here are some close ups of the quilty sayings.

Pillow #3
Mad Libs Pillow

I remember when Mad Libs first came out. My family adored it! We played it so much and our sides ached from laughing so much! Great memories! Then I some Mad Libs fabric about a year ago and bought a panel. It’s perfect!

Here are 2 of the Mad Libs. There are 2 more on the back.

Pillow #4
My sisty-ugler decided to stop quilting. *gasp* It’s hard to fathom. You can read about the tawdry story here. Unfortunately, the pictures got spirited away when I didn't realize that Google stored my blog pictures in Picasa. When I saw all these pictures in Picasa, I deleted a whole bunch. Now I don't have pictures in Picasa or my folders at home!
I was the lucky recipient of her stash. I found this lovely crane fabric just this week as I was pawing through my stash to find fabric for another pillow.

This pillow is the same on both sides. It was a lot easier using one piece of fabric for a pillow rather than sewing a back and front together. It doesn’t make sense, but it was harder.

Pillow #5

I have always loved tiny rosebuds on fabric. I don’t know where or when I got this fabric, but it’s so beautiful! It’s also the same on both sides.

Pillow #6—the coup d’etat!
The Piranha Pillowcase!

Another fabric from unknown whereabouts! Originally I was going to make 2 pillows from the fabric. This is what got me going on two different-sided pillows. Both my hubby and I loved this fabric. In the end, however, I decided to do just the one pillow and give it to him. He’s a sweetie, and he deserves it.
Now that we’re awash in pillows around here, I’m off to finish my February RSC pink!

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