Friday, December 12, 2014

Singing In The Rain

Don’t you love the movie, Singing in the Rain? Especially the title song with Gene Kelly hopping in and out of puddles?

I’m in Northern California where we are being drenched by “the storm of the century.”

It’s been quite the letdown. Here we were supposed to get 40-50 mph wind, 4-5” of rain. It’s just been constant rain, but nothing spectacular. What a letdown! At least the schools closed for yesterday and today!

Of course, some of us weren't so lucky.
To my doggie- woggins, however, it is a totally different story. She hates the rain. And the wind. But yesterday and today, it’s been nothing but rain. Each time I take her out to “do her duty,” she trots out there and looks around for a few seconds. After that, she turns around and stares at me…pathetically.

Poor, pitiful thing

“Oh, I don’t need to go potty, Mommy.” she says.

I repeat, “Go potty, Miko.” and she looks at me more pathetically. If that’s possible.

Next she tries to sit on the soggy lawn, her signal for “I don’t need to go potty.” But that is thwarted by the puddles in the backyard.

She shivers, she shakes herself off numerous times, tries to look more pathetic. Greta Garbo never did it so good in Camille.

Finally, after 3 or 4 minutes of this, she starts looking for a place to “do it.” This includes going in the deepest grass in the backyard to get much more wet. But then finally success!

Here I have a dog who hates rain, hates to get wet who will stand in the rain for 3 to 4 minutes getting drenched just to try and convince me to let her come in the house.

I just don’t get it. I don’t.


  1. She finally figures out that you mean business, so she'd better get down to it.

    Glad to hear your weather is boring. SR was listed on the weather channel, and I worried about you. Glad you and most of the state are getting lots of rain.

    1. Yes, it definitely was billed as something way more exciting! The schools still cancelled even though it was obvious on Friday that nothing was going to happen.

  2. When we moved from Fl to MD my labradaughter would see snow out back, and go to the front door to see if it was wet out front too. My standard poodle just slogs through it, doggedly, hating the way it curls his hair. I don't enjoy rain either and we get rain at least three times a week here. mold,...
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color


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