Monday, December 1, 2014

And The Lucky Winner Is....

Last week was my 4-year blogaversary! I didn't blog very much the first couple of years; I was a newbie. I knew nothing about blogging or getting my blog out on the web to be seen. It's been an educational process, but nonetheless very gratifying and a heap o' fun!

I decided to have my first giveaway to celebrate my achievement! There were to be two lucky winners; the first won a book: Flowering Favorites by Piece o' Cake. The second one 10 fat quarters (or at least a quarter of a yard) in a color of their choosing.

My apologies on showing results. I couldn't get the widget (pick the number) to work on my web page. (*##%! Mumble mumble #*#%!# computer *##@@! stupid ##%%*!) And that is why the random generator isn't shown here. Since I knew everyone who entered, and had no favorites, these are the winners!

Let the suspense end!

First winner is:

Lucky winner of Flowering Favorites is lucky number 3: Jasmine! She writes the blog: Quilt Kisses and is cheery and delightful. She recently celebrated her 1st blogiversary  on November 18th! You can read her celebratory blog in which she shows some cool bags she made for her three boys here.  I also enjoyed and giggled at her post (here) about being sneaky when making quilts for your children. She spoke to my heart when she blogged about making a quilt with her niece. I've done that with two of my grands and am thinking it's about time we did it again.

Second winner:

Lori, lucky number 7, won the 10 fat quarters! Her blog is one I just discovered in the past few weeks. I instantly liked her style and blog: Humble Quilts. Lori just concluded a mystery QAL, which is how I found her blog. There was a link in a blog I read that talked about how wonderful Lori's QALs were and that there was one going on right now. I actually was able to follow this QAL because it was a mini-quilt and used lots of 1.5 inch squares. I had those aplenty! Just last week was the delightful reveal. Lori based her quilt on an antique quilt she had seen. Even though the QAL is over, you might want to try it anyway; it is fun, easy and finishes quickly.

Congratulations Jasmine and Lori! I've sent you an email and you can get me your address so I can send your prizes winging your way.

It was an interesting process running a giveaway. I had 51 people visit this particular post; 7 people left me a comment. Seems interesting. I'm glad for those that entered and am very grateful for all who read my blog.

Thank you everyone reading my blog. I check several times a day after posting to see how many people have read my post. I get so thrilled and do many happy dances to find my little blog (that started with just my family reading) has expanded to so many others.


  1. Thank you so much! I couldn't be more thrilled!

  2. I like reading your blog, it's always interesting to read about someone else's life, especially when they live so far away from me! I'm in Australia, near Sydney!

  3. Thank you for your sweet description and for the book. :)

  4. Yes, congratulations Jasmine and Lori!
    Love your blog - wouldn't miss it.

  5. Happy Blogaversary! I started blogging last December, and I was quite surprised at all there is to learn. Who knew the learning curve was so steep? It LOOKS so easy. Ha! I haven't been brave enough to try a giveaway--so I'm impressed. (Even if the *#%! generator didn't want to appear...Lol)


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