Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pass the Peanuts, Please #4

I feel a little like Pig-Pen today. My house needs serious picking up. I’ve made my daily list of what room to do each day. Today is the quilt room, of course, the highest priority!

I love the early Charlie Brown comics. It’s fun to see the characters as they were originally drawn.

And through the years:

A few days ago my hubby and I were at Costco. (Wait, this is relevant!) We hit the back wall and there he was standing in front of the ice cream case….no good could be done here! He could not resist their siren call and bought a BIG box of Drumsticks.

They were quite the hit at our house of two. We gobbled them up in two days! We did give a couple to our daughter, Noel Heart.

Last night, after a busy and tiring day of helping Noel Heart and Chief move, Hubby and I were getting to watch the (disheartening) SF Giants game. Hubby mentioned Drumsticks; I drooled.

The long and short of it was that I went and got a couple of boxes of Drumsticks from the local grocery store! The SF Giants lost but we feel we were winners as we each snarfed down 2 Drumsticks!

Which brings me up to the appropriately themed Charlie Brown statue.

 Summer Treat Charlie Brown

I'm ready to go! It's been 12 hours since my last drumstick...scoop me up some pistachio ice cream Charlie! I'll be right there!

Todays Peanuts question:

Name the minor Peanuts characters!


  1. Peppermint Patty, PigPen, Marcie, and the Little Red-haired Girl. Oh, and the black kid whose name I forget.

    1. Wow, great memory! Some of the other minor characters I wouldn't remember except that I've been cruising a lot through Peanuts lore on the internet!

  2. Rerun (Lucy and Linus's little brother that rides on the back of Mom's bike), Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Shreoder (the pianist and Lucy's heart throb), and CB's sister (just can't think of her name).
    Fun Quiz!

  3. Those drumsticks are a huge hit at our house, too! And they don't last long here either!

    1. You are so right! My hubby ate 75% of them! That's because I decided after 2 years of wishy-washy-ness that I really want to lose my extra 20 pounds. I've actually made it 3 days in a row! Woo-hoo I'm on a roll!


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