Thursday, June 5, 2014

Chemistry Camp for the Blind

Boy howdy! are you in for a treat today!

As my regular readers know, I teach blind and visually impaired students in public school. I have taught for 26 years and cannot see myself working in any other field. The majority of my students are charming, each in their own way.

Near to us is a summer camp for the blind & visually impaired. It is Enchanted Hills. It rocks! To me, it is straight out of Parent Trap, the original. It has cabins where the upper part of the four walls is screen.

Fishing at Enchanted Hills Camp

Enchanted Hills has everything a regular summer camp has: swimming, horseback riding, boating, campfire hootenannies at night, crafts, etc.

One summer I served as a counselor assistant for one session with 5-6 year olds. It was tough! It was also an awesome experience.

I could go on for quite awhile, but for right now I want to get to the highlight of this post. During the summer, Enchanted Hills also has specialty sessions. The one I want to spotlight is Chemistry Camp. The video says it all and it’s a ultra-groovy video. And, by the way, the boy who produced, filmed, and edited the video, Jimmy Cong, was a student of mine. I worked with him from preschool until he was in fourth grade. He just graduated high school last year. He is blind with enough residual vision to pursue his dream of being a videographer.

Jimmy Cong at Chemistry Camp when he was young



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