Friday, April 11, 2014

A Good Start to the Day

birds chirping
I started out this morning like every other one. When I went outside with the dog I was busy thinking about the day ahead and what needed to be done.

I became aware of a little chirping. I stopped to listen and realized there were lots of birds chirping. I stood and there were hundreds of birds chirping. I was surrounded by this wonderful symphony of sound.

The sun had just come up and birds were chirping everywhere. I just took in all that beautiful music.

Maybe I should tune in to the moment more often…


  1. It's called the "morning song". Our birds have an internal clock; they start chirping at exactly 4 a.m. I know because that's what time they woke me up this morning. Sometimes it can be aggravating, but most times it makes me smile. And it puts me back to sleep.

  2. Right now they are singing their best to attract a mate...

  3. I love the singing birds in springtime!!!


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