Monday, February 3, 2014

Merry Christmas 41 Days Late!

To Get You in the Mood for a Story About Christmas
Wowser! Is it really 41 days since Christmas?? And is it already February? How is it that time up close goes slowly but time in chunks goes quickly? I guess it's a question for the universe...

Leading up to Christmas I had two quilting Christmas gifts that I couldn't post because I hadn't given them yet. Finally, I got to give Sweetie her present on Christmas Day. I was there! Hundred times of wonderful! You can see a picture of the zebra pillows and my granddaughter here and general Christmas fun with Nancy Drew's family here.

More Christmas ambience

My second quilty Christmas present was for Noel Heart. Unfortunately she and her husband were very sick with a virus over Christmas. They didn't see anyone. They didn't get to travel over here to see us. I felt so sorry for them. We finally got together after the New Year when they were back on their feet. I finally got to give Noel Heart her "Christmas Present".

It really wasn't her Christmas was supposed to be given to her before Christmas, but they never made it over. Very disappointing. A few years ago, Noel Heart has said how much she wanted a Christmas tree skirt. I started keeping my eye out for a good pattern. I just couldn't find one... Last year in October, my friend and I went to Pacific International Quilt Festival. We stopped at one of the vendor's booths and I swear I could hear triumphal trumpets majestically playing in the background! There was a Christmas Skirt pattern! I started doing the Happy Dance right there. Many people smiled. Some laughed and pointed. Other quilters nodded, knowing what a good quilt discovery feels like. Then some of them were just disgruntled because I was blocking the aisle.

The Tree Skirt was everything I had hoped for. It was beautiful. It was big. It was EASY. Gotta love EASY! It had a special ruler, and it was a good affordable price. My quest was over. Now I had to make the skirt.

This is an Advent Calendar my Mom
made for TGS
Fast forward. This was supposed to be her Thanksgiving gift.*

*(I didn't want to make you look very far for the asterik!) My Mom started a tradition of giving me a Christmas decoration on Thanksgiving. Once I was married, she started doing this so I would have Christmas things for my house. It was lovely. I decided to carry on the tradition and once each of my children has started in their own home, I've given them Christmas decorations.

And now, in January, Noel Heart was getting hers. She was overwhelmed. She was so happy to get one and she thought it was beautiful. What more can a Mom and quilter want?

I forgot to take pictures, but Noel Heart did it for me. I wish we had a tree to show it off. Just a little too late for that photo op! Hope you like it!

It's a whooping 54" diameter!

I decided stitch-in-the-ditch was perfect for this.

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  1. Love your tree skirt. I have some of those fabrics in my stash! :)

  2. Love it! I can see why you did the dance. So pretty! I love the pattern and the fabrics you chose work so well with it. Atta girl.

  3. oh wow! that tree skirt is gorgeous!!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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