Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bread, Lovely, Fantastical Bread

Homemade German Bread Recipes

I follow the blog: Mum's Cookbook of Authentic German Recipes. I'm trying to get in touch with my "German side." (such a hackneyed phrase!) A recipe for Kartoffelbrott German Potato Bread showed up, along with this commentary:
Source: German Recipe Blog

There are many delicious German bread recipes. Walk into any baker in Germany and you are spoilt for choice. Germans are the biggest consumers of bread worldwide and pride themselves on having the largest variety available. It is not surprising as the Germans eat bread for breakfast, lunch and for their Brotzeit in the evening. Not forgetting the children taking it in their lunchbox for their mid morning snack.

I'm German!
I love bread!
I love lots of bread!
I could live on bread!
Hail to my German ancestors!
Hail to the Boshs!
Hail to the Becksteads!
I love thee my fore-bearers, for bread, bread, lovely bread!
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  1. hahaha! I love everything bread. Like really, it might be a problem that kills me dead one day! Guess it could be worse, guess I could love everything liquor! :D

    1. No kidding! I would take bread or bread things (like cereal) over sweets any day!

  2. I used to make homemade bread... in my twenties. Then we moved to CA where I have done very little baking. (Just don't want that A/C to come on so often.) Maybe now I know where to get good recipes again, I'll try it again.
    Thanks for sharing your source.

    1. It's hard to feel like baking when the weather is in the 100's all the time! I used to make bread all the time. I have to resist now because if I make a loaf, I eat the whole thing within 24 hours! I use a breadmaker now, which is great when I feel I can risk making a loaf! The website has all sorts of German food, but there is a tab for Bread--hurrah!


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